What Makes A Horror Fan? 

I’ve thought a lot about this subject. Mostly because I keep seeing comments that really irk me, regarding horror fan status. This rant is to just set the record straight about what being a fan truly is.

1. “You are not a true horror fan if you like or don’t like (insert horror film title here).” 

What some people in the horror community, or people in general, don’t realize is that not everyone likes the same things. For instance, I personally don’t like The Exorcist. The Exorcist is a classic horror film, no doubt, but it was a one-and-done film for me. But, I’m not going to let someone question my loyalty to this genre just for that little fact. The beauty of horror is that it has a lot of sub-genres and a lot of variety. There isn’t a set list of horror films you have to love to qualify as a horror fan, yet people act like there is. It doesn’t make any sense.

2. “You aren’t a true Horror fan if you haven’t seen (insert horror film title here).

This is just another statement that doesn’t make any sense. To me, it sounds like whoever says this believes that once you get into the genre, you have to immediately watch every horror film ever made in order to be considered a fan. Building your collections and filling up on horror movie knowledge takes time. I’ve been a horror fan since I was 12, yet I’m still discovering new horror films every day. If someone tells you they haven’t seen your favorite horror film, you don’t have to respond with hostility. Just give them your opinion on the film.

So, what makes a horror fan?

To me being a horror fan means getting excited when someone brings up your favorite horror films, or finding yourself unable to stop talking about horror, or filling your shelves with movies and horror merchandise, or randomly thinking about your favorite horror film when you see something that has the slightest reference to it. You want to be a horror fan? Well, what you need to do is simply love the genre! That’s all you have to do! It’s not a secret club that has requirements. Be a proud horror nerd!

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