What The Hell Is Wrong With Tik Tok?

UPDATE: After I posted this article, I learned that Tyler’s ban from Tik Tok was lifted!! However, I’m choosing to keep this post up because the other issues I talk about here are still going on within the Tik Tok community and still need to be addressed. 

I’ve been debating a lot on whether or not to talk about this, but I realize it’s going to eat at me if I don’t. I know this is a little different from what I usually post on my blog, but I’ve recently watched something that has completely upset me. One of my favorite content creators on Tik Tok, @auntie_tylerthanos has been banned from the app for calling out another creator for spreading false information. After the ban, they made a video on their Youtube channel talking about the situation and watching it made my stomach turn. They have spoken out, supported, and they were a creator I greatly respected. What’s happened to them is just the tip of the iceberg, though.


I used to see Tik Tok as a great app for people to show their creative sides and really flourish in their crafts. Now, what I see most in the app is nothing but racism, bullying, homophobia, hatred, negativity, fat-shaming, fighting, sexism, pedophilia… This s**t has to stop! And the most frustrating thing is that if someone is being bullied and they call out the bully, whose video gets taken down? The bullied! Who gets shadow-banned or completely banned? The bullied! Who’s free to keep their hating ways? You guessed it! The bullies, the racists, the fat-shamers, and the pedophiles! There were two creators – one called out for groping and harassing multiple women, and another called out for sending explicit pictures to a minor – and they had to leave on their own accord because Tik Tok did NOTHING to get them off the app! Now one of them is back on the platform with 3 million followers acting like nothing happened! They get to stay on the app but Tyler gets a permanent ban?!


And just last year, Tik Tok admitted to suppressing videos created by people who are either fat, disabled, or part of the LGBTQ+ community. They claimed suppressing their videos reduces cyberbullying. HERE’S AN IDEA! INSTEAD OF DOING THAT, SUPPRESS THE VIDEOS CREATED BY THE F***ING BULLIES!! That’s why I stopped making videos on the app. I was self-conscious and I knew that if enough people found my account, I’d be fat-shamed and bullied, too. That’s IF my videos didn’t get suppressed.


A couple of days ago, I expressed my worry and anger at the thought of the app getting banned in the U.S.. Now, I’m not sure how I would feel about it. Do I believe the entire app should be banned? Not necessarily. Do I believe it needs new management that doesn’t discriminate? ABSOLUTELY! Something needs to happen because there are a lot of wonderful people on the app who are just trying to live their best lives and bring smiles and laughter to the world and NONE of them deserve this kind of treatment.

To Tyler, I know you may not read this, but in case you do, I am so sorry for what happened! You are one of my favorite people. You’re absolutely right, you do not need Tik Tok. I know you are going to thrive on many other platforms that don’t discriminate or support discrimination. And I, and your followers, will continue to support you wherever you go. Black Lives Matter. Discriminated Lives Matter. YOUR Life Matters.

I’m going to leave their video below, and if you can hear the pain and anger in their voice and feel absolutely nothing, you may be of the problem! It’s time for Tik Tok to change or go.

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