Answering Questions About Americans

I woke up this morning and I came across another Buzzfeed article that piqued my interest. It was 37 Things Americans Do In Movies/TV Shows That Truly Confuse Non-Americans. As I was reading the questions, I started thinking about how I would answer them, and I thought if would be fun to answer them here! Obviously, I don’t speak for all Americans, so some of you may not agree with my answers. I’m answering to the best of my ability based on what I’ve seen and/or personally experienced. Also, some of these questions are based on high school stereotypes, I’m going to try and answer the best way possible since I didn’t go to public high school.

1). I think it’s more of a trope. A lot of Americans have planned for colleges pretty early in their lives, but I don’t think they constantly dream of their favorite college.

2). No, I don’t think they do. At least, the people I speak to never do.

3). That one does seem pretty accurate. Although, most of the people I drink with order mixed drinks, not shots.

4). Yes, some kids brought their own lunches, others were fed by the school.

5). S’mores are basically our national summer snack. Our Walmart stores would even have little sections that included only S’mores ingredients.

6). Yes, we have school mascots. In the school I grew up in, our mascot was a bulldog.

7). I’m not sure how it works in the television industry, but my best guess is that the task is put into the scene so the actor/actress has something to do besides standing there and yelling. This question reminds me of a scene in Friends where Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) is fighting with her sister, Amy (Christina Applegate) and as they’re fighting, Rachel stomps over to the fridge, throws it open and grabs a bottle of water.

8). I personally never saw anyone just chug milk from the carton, but it’s a definite possibility that some Americans do.

9). Yes, we have Proms, Homecoming dances, middle school socials. As to why we have all of these dances, I honestly have no idea.

10). This one is definitely just a TV trope. It’s probably because writers simply don’t want to bother with specifics and they just say the characters went to Europe.

11). Yes, yes, one hundred percent yes!

12). I think it just depends on the person and it depends on the parents. It also depends on how well they actually know the parents.

13). That’s definitely a mere cliche. Cheerleaders weren’t always popular and some of them were really sweet.

14). Wait, students outside of America didn’t have to do this?! We had to make a freaking cabin based on a random book! What about cardboard presentations? Did you have to do that? I’m annoyed now!

15). That one is definitely just on TV and in films. If people just hung up without saying bye, that is very disrespectful!

16). Yes, I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

17). This question honestly confuses me. How are we supposed to eat bacon if not with our hands?

18). I can’t really say, because I never had to do that at my school, but I think it used to be a thing back in the day.

19). Yes, we had to do this every morning before we started class.

20). You know, I never thought about it! It is weird. But, yes, it’s merely a film trope, most likely done that way to prevent slowing down the film’s pace.

21). Yes, under the mats, inside fake rocks, on top of the door frame, right behind the porch light, there are a lot of places we put our spare house keys.

22). I’ve never seen someone chew a pill in any movie! That would be extremely weird!

23). I wouldn’t say Americans eat pancakes every morning, but it is one of the most popular breakfast dishes.

24). You know, I have no idea. I’ve only seen summer camp in movies and TV and I don’t know anyone who went to one. I’m pretty sure Americans do, because those films and TV shows have to base it on some sort of truth.

25). It depends on the restaurant and the method of payment. Sometimes, we have to pay at the front of the restaurant. If we’re paying with a card, we do have to wait until our waiter/waitress comes back with it. If we’re paying in cash, we do leave it on the table and leave. I didn’t realize it was a weird thing to do.

26). I’ve never called any of my dogs “pooch.”

27). I think that is a common saying here.

28). I don’t know about the week, but we do think about what day of the week our birthdays fall on. That’s because if it’s on a weekday, my family and I plan the celebration either the weekend before or after the birthday.

29). It’s because room-temperature water is awful and our taps are either not cold enough or not filtered.

30). Those are garbage disposals, and they’re for those who can’t walk two steps to a trash can to dump their food.

31). Yes, I know a lot of people who are obsessed with fireplaces.

32). I don’t know why that’s TV’s go-to dinner. I’ve had meatloaf only once in my life.

33. That’s not the case for me, I drink Pepsi with almost everything (yes, I know horribly unhealthy it is for me).

34. Well, my school didn’t. If they did, that would’ve practically been a second home to me.

35. I don’t but I bet a lot of Americans do, considering how much fame and money reality stars have.

36. It’s because we love tall glasses but don’t like drinking that much from those glasses. That’s the answer I’m going with.

37. I don’t know! I’m with you, there! I don’t know why Americans are so obsessed with trucks!

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