My 2021 Goals

Well, 2020 is finally over! I’m very sorry for practically dropping off the grid, but I’ve basically lost all motivation after October. That’s why this article is about 2 weeks late. Looking back at my 2020 goals, I now cringe at how much I didn’t realize what was going to happen. So, I’ve decided to do things a little different this time. This year, I’m going to have the exact opposite goals that I had last year. That way, either the opposite of the opposite will happen and I’ll finally exceed my own expectations… or I’ll be setting myself up for a more realistic future. 

2020 Goal: Lose Weight

2021 Goal: Gain As Much Weight As Humanly Possible

2020 Goal: Publish My First Book

2021 Goal: Think About My Story Ideas But Never Write Them Down

2020 Goal: Learn How To Do Special Effects Makeup

2021 Goal: Watch Youtube Tutorials On How To Do Special Effects Makeup

2020 Goal: Learn To Play The Violin

2021 Goal: Listen To Lots Of Violin Music

2020 Goal: Relearn To Play The Flute

2021 Goal: Look At Prices Of Flutes With No Intention To Buy Any

2020 Goal: Work On My Fear Of Being In Front Of A Camera

2021 Goal: Avoid Cameras For The Rest Of My Life

2020 Goal: Get My Driver’s License

2021 Goal: Close My Eyes And Imagine Going To Lovely Places

2020 Goal: Travel More

2021 Goal: Never Leave The House

2020 Goal: Try Cosplaying

2021 Goal: Watch Cosplay Videos On TikTok

2020 Goal: Become A Professional Blogger

2021 Goal: Delete My Blog And Never Speak Of It Again

I just want to clarify that this is all in good fun! I still have lots of plans and I just made this post because I thought it was hilarious that one of my goals for last year was to travel more. I hope you had a good laugh with this post and let me know some of your goals for this year!

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