25 Celebrities I’d Love To See In ‘Murderville’

Netflix has stirred a lot of controversy and anger from fans, mostly due to mass cancellations of their favorite shows. There’s one show that’s my current favorite from the streaming site, called Murderville. In Murderville, Will Arnett plays a detective who has to work with a new celebrity partner every week and solve gruesome murders. It has a perfect combination of improv, mystery, and hilarity. I’m hoping to God that it doesn’t get canceled and we get more than 6 episodes in season 2. In hopes of a second season, I wanted to list some celebrities I’d love to see on the show! I’d also love to know who you think would be perfect for the show, so let me know in the comments!

Andy Samberg

Alison Brie

Dave Franco

Jason Sudeikis

Will Ferrell

Jason Bateman

Amy Poehler

Amanda Seyfried

Rainn Wilson

Charlize Theron

Seth MacFarlane

Seth Rogen

Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard

Mila Kunis

Kevin Smith

Tracy Morgan

Adam Devine

Lisa Kudrow

Jon Cryer

Keegan-Michael Key

Queen Latifah

Bert Kreischer

Rebel Wilson

Ricky Gervais

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