Dumbest Decisions In Horror Films – Part 2

Blogger’s block has not been kind to me, but I’m back with part 2 of the dumbest decisions made by horror movie characters! These are decisions made by characters that either played a hand in their fate or exacerbated their entire situation. If you’d like to see more, you can check out Part 1 here and let me know who I should add to the list! Also, stay tuned for the smartest horror movie decisions which will hopefully be posted soon!


When Louis Buried Rachel – Pet Sematary (1989)

Before I begin on this subject, I completely understand that losing a loved one is never easy and when you’re stricken with grief, it can be very difficult to make good decisions. Having said that, Louis Creed (Dale Midkiff) definitely should’ve known better. After Louis tragically lost his son, Gage (Miko Hughes), he decided to bury him in a burial ground that brings the dead back to life. However, the person who gets buried there comes back as a bloodthirsty violent monster. Louis learned this the hard way when Gage came back and killed Louis’s friend and his wife, Rachel (Denise Crosby). It seemed that Louis learned his lesson and finally laid Gage to rest. However, in his mindset, Louis decided that if he buried Rachel there, it would be different because he was burying her a lot sooner after her death. There was absolutely nothing that indicated that the sooner you bury someone after they die, the better chance you have of their true self coming back. I don’t know where Louis got that idea, but he brought the nightmare back into his life all because he couldn’t let go.

When Mari Didn’t Go Get Help – The Last House On The Left (1972)

A birthday celebration went terribly wrong as Mari Collingwood (Sandra Peabody) and her friend, Phyllis (Lucy Grantham) got kidnapped by a group of sadistic murderers. After being tormented and assaulted, Phyllis was able to run away and get the killers to chase her, thus giving Mari the advantage to go for help. Mari was even able to convince the person watching her to help her escape. She was perfectly able to run across the street to her house and call the police! Does she do that? No, instead she went to look for Phyllis! I understand she didn’t want to abandon her friend but the best chance for both of them was to get help. Phyllis was being chased by psychos, Mari couldn’t possibly know if she gave them the slip. After Phyllis was killed, Mari was right back where she started and left with absolutely no chance of surviving.

When Ed Had Video Proof And Didn’t Show It To Charley – Fright Night (2011)

Now, the events that lead to Ed’s (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) turning may have happened no matter what, but I still needed to see a little more effort on Ed’s part. After their friend disappeared, Ed tried to convince Charley (Anton Yelchin) that he was killed by Charley’s new neighbor, Jerry (Colin Farrell). Now, in his attempt to convince Charley that his neighbor was a vampire, Ed failed to mention that he and their friend had VIDEO PROOF that Jerry’s image didn’t appear on film! Now, it was Ed’s disappearance that made Charley finally question whether or not he was telling the truth, but when he watched that video, it seemed to seal the deal! If Ed just started with that video, then I believe he could’ve convinced Charley a lot easier and not have been forced to join Jerry’s undead ranks.

When Sam Grilled Norman About The Money – Psycho (1960)

Sam Loomis (John Gavin) had one damn job. After his girlfriend Marion (Janet Leigh) disappeared with an envelope of stolen money, Sam and Marion’s sister Lila (Vera Miles) found out the last place she was seen was in a little motel ran by Norman Bates. Sam and Lila decided to go to the motel to find out what happened. They devised a plan that Sam was going to keep Norman busy while Lila went to his house to question his mother. Sam let his feelings get the best of him and he assumed Norman killed Marion for the money she had. He started to question and grill Norman to the point where Norman realized Sam and Lila had intentions of talking to his mother. Norman wouldn’t be suspicious about anything if Sam just kept his cool. Sam’s little interrogation almost cost him and Lila their lives.

When Randy Got Cocky – Creepshow 2

All Randy (Daniel Beer) and his friends wanted to do was swim and hang out on a raft in the middle of the lake before it froze over. They didn’t imagine that they would be trapped on the raft by a dangerous floating blob that ate everything it touched. After getting picked off one by one, it was down to Randy and his friend Laverne (Jeremy Green). In order to escape, Randy selfishly sacrificed Laverne to gain enough time to swim to shore. Although he successfully reached dry land, he decided to stay and taunt the blob instead of heading to the car that was RIGHT NEXT TO HIM! That gave the blob the advantage to cover Randy and add him to its body count. His selfish act was all for naught.

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  1. Black Christmas (1974) “When the cops straight-up tell the girl to leave because the creepy calls were coming from INSIDE the house the whole time. So — naturally — she goes upstairs yelling, ‘Hello is anyone in here?!’ instead. What?!”

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