Best Horror Movie Fight Scenes – Part 1

When it comes to the horror genre, the first things that usually pop into people’s minds are either scares or gore or shock factor etc. When you think about fight scenes, the mind usually goes straight into the action genre. However, horror films can also bring us some well choreographed battles! This post focuses on the best and most memorable fight scenes in the genre. For this series, I’m only including fights that have give and take, because let’s face it, one-sided fights aren’t as fun. This is just part 1, so if you don’t see your favorite fight here, that doesn’t mean you won’t in the future! Also, a lot of these are final fights so I’m issuing a MAJOR SPOILER WARNING!!

Kale vs. Robert Turner – Disturbia

Crystal vs. Athena – The Hunt

Freddy Krueger vs. Jason Voorhees – Freddy vs. Jason

Pennywise vs. The Losers Club – IT (2017)

Eben Oleson vs. Marlow – 30 Days Of Night

Freddy Krueger vs. Alice – A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Esther vs. Kate Coleman – Orphan

Abraham Lincoln vs. Jack Barts – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Chucky vs. Tiffany – Bride Of Chucky

Madeline Ashton vs. Helen Sharp – Death Becomes Her

Sidney Prescott vs. Roman Bridger – Scream 3

Erin vs. Felix And Zee – You’re Next

The Gang vs. Zombie John – Shaun Of The Dead

Victor Crowley vs. Trent – Hatchet 2

Doug vs. Lizard – The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Marcus vs. Selene And Michael – Underworld: Evolution

Jennifer vs. Needy – Jennifer’s Body

Max vs. Billy Murphy – The Final Girls

Van Helsing vs. Dracula – Van Helsing

Spoon vs. Werewolf – Dog Soldiers

Arkin And Bodyguard vs. The Collector – The Collection

Alex’s Gang vs. Billy’s Gang – A Clockwork Orange

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