50 Stars I’d Love To See In Tarantino’s Final Film

When Quentin Tarantino’s last film, The Movie Critic, was announced, I started thinking about the stars I’d love to see in it. It’s an end of an era, so I made a list of 25 actors and 25 actresses who I feel should be a part of it. Chances are that some casting announcements will already be made by the time this article is posted, but whether they played main roles, or showed up in 2 second cameos, if any of these stars are in Tarantino’s final film, I would be very happy! I hope you enjoy and let me know who you hope to see!

Eli Roth

Vivica A. Fox

Josh Brolin

Rosario Dawson

Clancy Brown

Lucy Liu

Jon Bernthal

Kerry Washington

Walton Goggins

Florence Pugh

Michael Madsen

Mia Goth

Vincent D’Onofrio

Amanda Plummer

Tim Roth

Rosanna Arquette

Jamie Foxx

Zoë Bell

Kurt Russell

Pam Grier

Willem Dafoe

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Channing Tatum

Margaret Qualley

Steve Buscemi


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