South Park: Times Cartman Was Actually Helpful – Part 1

Eric Cartman is probably the worst, most messed up kid in cartoon history. From tricking a kid into eating his own parents, to trying to start a new holocaust, Cartman might very well be one of the biggest villains ever created. Since 1997, South Park has endured such horrors and there were actually moments where Cartman was actually helpful. I decided to list the rare times Cartman willingly and unwillingly helped his fellow South Park residents! If you like this list, stay tuned for part 2! (POSSIBLE SOUTH PARK SPOILERS!!!)

When He Helped Shelly Get Revenge On Her Pedophile Ex-Boyfriend

While his mom was at a meteor shower party, Cartman had to deal with an evil babysitter, Stan’s sister Shelly. Shelly terrorized him and invited her 22-year-old boyfriend, Skyler over. Cartman initially spent the night trying to send proof of Shelly and her boyfriend to Mrs. Cartman. However, when Skyler dumped 12-year-old Shelly because she wouldn’t put out, Cartman instead decided to help her get revenge. They got the perfect revenge by taking the one thing he liked most in the world, his guitar, destroying it, and shoving it in a used cat box. Although they started out as enemies, Shelly and Cartman really worked well as a team.

When He Saved Everyone From The Evil Planetarium

While on a field trip to the planetarium, Cartman snuck away from his class to audition for a Cheesy Poofs commercial. Little did he realize, he ended up saving himself from being hypnotized by an evil device in the planetarium. He ended up getting to be in the commercial, but by the time it aired, a good chunk of the South Park residents were held captive. Cartman, thinking that everyone was just really obsessed with the planetarium, tracked them down and destroyed the device in anger. Without realizing it, he single-handedly saved the town.

When He Helped Stan Save The Calves

While on another field trip to a farm, Stan and the gang learned about how veal was made. When Stan saw the adorable little calves, he recruited his friends to save them and hold them up in Stan’s bedroom. Cartman was, like usual, unwilling to help them at first, but when police and the media showed up, Cartman ended up sparring with the negotiator and obtaining weapons and a means of escape. Although he didn’t want to help and complained most of the time, he ended up being a big help in getting people to stop eating veal.

When He Helped Kyle Save Ike From A Pedophile Teacher

When Ike Broflovski developed a harmless little crush on his teacher, Miss Stevenson, she escalated it into an actual pedophilic relationship. Kyle tried his hardest to tell adults about the relationship, but they either didn’t believe him, or they didn’t see anything wrong with it. Meanwhile, Cartman was appointed the new Hall Monitor, and he took his duties very seriously. When Kyle told Cartman about Ike and his teacher hanging out in the hallway, Cartman took it upon himself to bring it to the public. When Miss Stevenson took Ike from his home, Cartman recruited Kyle to his Hall Monitor crew to track her down. He may hate Kyle at times, but he was the only one who helped Kyle when he needed it the most.

When He Helped Save The Activists From The Rainforest

After mocking a group of activists during class, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman were forced to join the group and perform to save the Amazon Rainforest. During a tour of the forest, the tour guide ended up getting killed by a snake and the group was left stranded. Although Cartman was a big, insensitive pain in the a**, he actually made the smartest decision. After being hit with one dangerous thing after another in the forest, Cartman decided to do the opposite of what the lead activist said. He went in one direction while the group went in another, and he ended up stumbling across people who could help them. He came back with help and rescued the rest of the activists. If Cartman kept his mouth shut in class that day, he never would’ve arrived to save the day.

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