Where Is My Mind: Child’s Play 3, Slasher Formula, and The Descent


Child’s Play 3


It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen Child’s Play 3, so I honestly have no idea what made me think of this subject now. Child’s Play 3 starts with Chucky getting a completely new body and he continues to search for Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin), the kid who’s killed him twice before. When Chucky ships himself to the military academy where Andy is now living, he’s discovered by a young boy named Tyler (Jeremy Sylvers). When he meets Tyler, he realizes that because he technically has a new doll body, he can transfer his soul into someone new. So, the rule given to us in the first Child’s Play film is that Chucky has to transfer his soul into the first person he revealed his true self to. In my opinion, no matter what body he’s in, Andy was always the first person Chucky told his secret to. Chucky never got the chance to try and transfer his soul into Tyler, but I don’t believe it would’ve worked anyway. Of course, this is all moot, because in the next installment, Bride of Chucky, Chucky suddenly has an amulet that just lets him possess anyone. It’s still a very interesting thing to think about.

Slasher Formula

Kill Them All

Recently, there were a few articles going around, stating that in three films, John Wick has killed more people than Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees combined. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, but it somehow made online news. I want to talk about why this little bit of information doesn’t surprise me at all. Now, I haven’t seen the John Wick films (yet), but I do get the gist of the action genre that the franchise is in. When it comes to slasher films, the formula is vastly different. There is a body count with each film, however, we’re given a certain group of people for our killer/killers to terrorize before murdering them. The slasher genre relied heavily on suspension before the attacks, and a lot of them are filled with false jump-scares. With action films like John Wick, there are a lot more stunts, explosives, and guns; Thus, more casualties. If Jason or Michael used guns and explosives, trust me, no one would survive and their kill count would skyrocket! It’s kind of ironic how people freak out over people dying in horror films when their favorite genres most likely have a higher body count. 

Juno in The Descent


A friend of mine on Facebook once asked what were some of the worst decisions horror movie characters ever made. A day or two later, I woke up at five in the morning. I couldn’t go back to sleep because all I could think about was Juno (Natalie Mendoza) in The Descent. I believe she is undoubtedly the dumbest character in horror history. So, in the film, Juno takes her friends on a cave exploring trip. What she neglects to tell her friends is that the cave has never been explored before. So, she tells her friends they’re going to a place called Boreham Caverns. Now, Juno, who knew where they were really going, let her friend, Rebecca (Saskia Mulder) handle the rescue plans for the caverns they weren’t even going to. She didn’t handle the rescue plan herself. There’s a good chance she didn’t bother to tell anyone where she and her friends were going as some sort of contingency plan. Even if the cave didn’t have blind, ravenous creatures, she still put her friends’ lives in danger all for fame. She decided to wait until they were trapped in the cave to tell them no one was going to be looking for them. Her ego and stupidity cost their friends their lives. Not to mention she stabbed one of her friends and left her to die, which ironically kickstarted her own demise. She was a terrible person and every decision of hers made things so much worse.

Today’s Recommendation

Today’s recommendation is a book series I’m absolutely obsessed with: the In Death series! This book series is written by J.D. Robb and it is one of the reasons you haven’t heard from me in a while. The series follows Eve Dallas, a tough lieutenant who solves murder cases with her millionaire husband, Roarke. I highly recommend the series to those who love cop mysteries with romance mixed in! Below is the first book, Naked In Death:

Naked in death

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