Chucky And The Heart Of Damballa – My Theory

As I eagerly await the new Chucky tv series, I’ve been thinking about everything that’s happened in the Chucky universe leading up to the show. I started to think about how in the first three films, there was a suspenseful and tense storyline where Chucky was on a deadline to transfer his soul into Andy Barclay before he becomes trapped in the doll’s body forever. Then, in Bride Of Chucky, there was suddenly an amulet, The Heart Of Damballa, that Chucky’s human body had with him the entire time, and there was no longer that struggle and he could use said amulet to transfer into anyone he wanted. This could be viewed as a major plot hole in the franchise that makes us question everything we knew before. However, I started coming up with a theory to how it all could make sense. It’s possible that the events of the first three Chucky movies were based on one man’s lie.

Starting at the very beginning, here’s how I believe things could’ve possibly went down. As the story goes, serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Chucky) learned about the powers of Voodoo by a man named John Bishop (a.k.a. Dr. Death) before being shot down by Detective Mike Norris in 1988.

Ray Oliver in Child's Play

After transferring his soul into the nearest doll, Chucky returned to John to figure out why he was still able to be injured and even bleed. This is when John told him that he’s turning human again. Let’s say back when John was still teaching him, he gave Chucky the amulet with the intention to teach him about soul transference. Then after Chucky was killed, John learned that good old Chuck was using everything he taught him for evil purposes. John thought that Chucky dying and no longer killing people was the end of it… until Chucky showed up in doll form at his window.

John figured that maybe Chucky figured out how to use the amulet after all, but when Chucky said to him, “you got me into this, now you get me out”, John had the chance to refuse to help him further. As we all know, John refused until Chucky brought out his Voodoo Doll and threatened to stab it.

John knew that Chucky was unaware that the amulet could be used to transfer into anyone, so on a whim, John lied and said he had to transfer his soul into the first person he told his secret to, not knowing that it was a 6-year-old kid, Andy Barclay.

He could’ve told Chucky this lie to buy more time and tell someone who he was going after – in a way, to use Andy as bait to lure and kill Chucky. When Karen and Mike found John dying, he probably assumed Chucky still had the amulet and he was worried Chucky would figure everything out, so he told them they have to stop him before he gets to Andy.

Now let’s fast forward to Bride Of Chucky, when Chucky is now aware of what the amulet is capable of. How did he find out? Considering he knew exactly what page the amulet was on in Tiffany’s Voodoo For Dummies book, he had to have looked at it after Tiffany resurrected him.

The only way he’d have time to look at that book was while he was locked in the playpen. It would’ve been very clever for the filmmakers to have Tiffany walk into the trailer with her doll, see all of the children’s stuff and we catch a glimpse of the book somewhere near Chucky, indicating that he’s been doing a little Voodoo catch-up.

As he was reading the book, he could’ve noticed the amulet, realized that John lied to him this whole time, and that he didn’t need to go after Andy or Tyler (Child’s Play 3) all these years. I now believe his ritual to possess either of them never would’ve worked, no matter how hard he pursued. Think about it: from the first Child’s Play film to Bride Of Chucky, we’ve only seen Chucky complete the chant once – in Child’s Play 2 – and it didn’t work… why not? It wasn’t because Chucky spent too much time in the doll, it was because he didn’t have the amulet!

And why was his first ritual at the beginning of Child’s Play successful? As he pointed out in Bride Of Chucky, he had the amulet around his neck when he was shot down! His chant worked for reasons he wasn’t aware of at the time! The true power was in the Heart all along!

2 thoughts on “Chucky And The Heart Of Damballa – My Theory

  1. Sort of makes sense, except Tiffany brought him back without the amulet. What if the Heart of Damballa is Chucky’s Horcrux, where he’s at his most ‘human’? Like, every time he’s killed his soul just goes back into it. He did describe his afterlife as an empty void in his Hack/Slash crossover. Destroy the amulet, Chucky gets stuck in whatever body he’s possessed and Andy can finish him off.


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