Random Thoughts I Had About ‘Friends’ – Part 2

A year ago, I accumulated all of my thoughts and questions about my favorite tv series, Friends. After a month of not posting, I ended up gathering more thoughts on the show. If you’d like to check out part 1, click here! I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the show! (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!!)

  • In the pilot episode, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) starts working at Central Perk, and the second episode takes place a month later. Two episodes after that, Rachel gets her first paycheck and is upset by how much she’s actually earning. So, this means that Rachel didn’t get paid for over a month after starting at the coffee shop! 
Jennifer Aniston in Friends
  • There’s always a part of me that stresses out at the possibility that Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) brought the wrong baby home after losing Ross’s (David Schwimmer) son, Ben on a bus. They just picked one of the two babies who were found! Then in season 5, Joey has the nerve to joke about how Ben doesn’t look like Ross. You did that, Joey!
Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc in Friends
  • After being betrayed by his first wife, Carol (Jane Sibbett), Ross becomes very possessive and paranoid in some of his other relationships. While marrying Emily (Helen Baxendale), Ross ends up saying Rachel’s name at the altar instead of her’s. After that, Emily’s trust of Ross and Rachel completely flew out the window. She wanted Ross to never talk to Rachel again, get rid of all of his furniture, and move farther away from her. She even wanted to watch over Ross and never let him out of her sight. It seems that he passed on his possessive and paranoid trait to Emily. 
Helen Baxendale in Friends
  • Another thought about Emily: when her and Ross were in the beginning of there relationship, she was torn between him and another man, Colin. As we all know, she ended up choosing Ross. Not long after divorcing Ross, Emily ends up marrying someone else. I wonder if she got back together with Colin and that’s who she ended up marrying. 
Helen Baxendale and David Schwimmer in Friends
  • When Ross and Rachel started dating, he had to work and he ended up taking Rachel with him. They ended up having a nice night together under the fake stars. I wonder if him taking Rachel on a date to his job made him think it was ok to arrive at Rachel’s work with a picnic basket.
  • Also, Rachel being ok with Ross having to work late and Ross turning around and getting mad at her for having to work late is just another reason their relationship frustrates the hell out of me. 
Jennifer Aniston and David Scwimmer in Friends
  • Speaking of Ross’s job, how did Ross lose his job at the museum for losing his temper and not for sleeping with Rachel in the museum and getting caught by a group of kids? That should’ve been a less tolerated screw up. 
Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer in Friends

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