Horror Movie Characters I Have No Sympathy For – Part 1

So, do you remember my series of Horror Movie Characters I Wish Didn’t Die? Well, today I bring you the exact opposite! These are the characters who, although they weren’t the main villains, were still so frustrating, that I not only didn’t care about their characters, I almost wished for their demises. I hope you enjoy and let me know which horror movie characters you were glad to see go! (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Stathis Borans – The Fly (1986)

I was originally going to have this series only include characters who died, but I just couldn’t exclude Stathis (John Getz). Stathis was nothing but a stalker and manipulator. It’s bad enough that the woman he constantly harassed was not only his ex-girlfriend, but his employee. It’s also technically his fault this chain of events even happened. If he didn’t try to blackmail Veronica (Geena Davis) and try to steal her and Seth Brundle’s (Jeff Goldblum) story about his teleportation devices, Veronica wouldn’t have gone to him, Seth wouldn’t have tested the tele-pods by himself and he wouldn’t have been mutated with a fly. The fact that Veronica went to Stathis when she found out she was pregnant with Seth’s baby drives me nuts. Then, he ended up being Veronica’s rescuer?? No way!! I like to pretend Stathis died right after the credits rolled.

Deke – Creepshow 2

I’ve talked about my disdain for Randy (Daniel Beer) in Part 2 of the Dumbest Decisions In Horror Films. Today, I’ll be talking about Deke (Paul Satterfield) and what made me lose my sympathy for him. As he, his girlfriend Laverne (Jeremy Green), Randy, and Rachel (Page Hannah) swam out to a raft in the middle of a lake, a weird and giant blob on the surface of the lake ate everything and everyone it came into contact with. After Rachel was eaten, everyone else was obviously terrified that they’re trapped with this thing. I hate that Deke’s fear turned to anger and that anger was turned towards Laverne. As she was freaking out, he grabbed her and yelled at her and when he talked about leaving her behind she protested and his response was to threaten to hit her! I get you’re scared, my guy, but when you threaten physical violence against your girlfriend, I’ll be on the edge of my seat, smiling at your downfall! Laverne deserved better.

John Strode – Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers

The filmmakers did a fantastic job of showing how big of a scumbag John Strode (Bradford English) was with the very few scenes he had. Forget the fact that he willingly moved his family into Michael Myers’ (George P. Wilbur) house without their knowledge. What makes me angry the most is the fact that he let his daughter, Kara (Marianne Hagan) and her son move in just to treat them so horribly. In just one scene, he got mad at his wife for giving Kara money, called her son a b*****d right in front of the kid, and slapped Kara for standing up for her son. I have been waiting for his death ever since and Michael definitely delivered!

Pretty Much The Whole Town – From Within

In the town of Grovetown, Maryland, freedom of religion meant f***-all if you were not a Christian. When a series of events led to the brutal death of an innocent woman, her sons took their revenge by placing a curse on the town that caused its residents to commit suicide. As the movie goes on, the townsfolk became more and more frustrating to the point where I was hoping the one decent member decided to willingly let the curse continue. I couldn’t tell you how great it was to watch the end of the movie and see the curse spread to everyone and end with the pastor who was directly responsible for the woman’s death and the curse that plagued them all.

Dr. Samuel Loomis – Halloween II (2009)

From the first Halloween movie to this one, I was really disappointed at the downfall of Sam Loomis’ (Malcolm McDowell) character. When he first tracked down Micheal Myers (Tyler Mane) and saved his sister, Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton), he saw it as his responsibility to take down his former patient. Now, it seemed all selflessness has flown out the window. True, he was not personally responsible for the chaos that Michael brought. However, using his and his family’s story for fame and money? That’s just low. He had two years to talk to Laurie and help her understand her family’s history, like a good psychiatrist, but what does he do? He exposed her secret to the world and had her find out about her real family through a book! Not to mention he treated his assistant so horribly when she was the only one with morals and tried to make him understand how damaging his words and actions were.

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