Movie Couples Who Make Me Believe In Love – Part 1

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Every year, I usually repost my Worst Significant Others In Horror Films article, but today, I wanted to share something more uplifting. So on this day of love, I started a new series based on the movie couples that make me believe in love! These are couples in films that show that relationships don’t have to be such a struggle and through their love, they can accomplish anything! (NOTE: I know most of you are expecting Morticia and Gomez Addams, but I unfortunately ran out of time, but I assure you! They will be in this series, just not part 1, please forgive me!) I hope you enjoy and let me know who you would add to the list! (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!!)

John And Estelle Collingwood – The Last House On The Left (1972)

John (Richard Towers) and Estelle (Cynthia Carr) had a wonderful and simple life with their daughter, Mari (Sandra Peabody). However, tragedy struck their household as Mari was brutally murdered by a gang of sadistic killers. That very gang ended up seeking shelter at John and Estelle’s house, and when they found out they killed their daughter, there was only one thing on their mind: revenge. Together, they brutally slaughtered Mari’s killers without hesitation. That kind of love and trust is certainly unforgettable.

Marge And Norm Gunderson – Fargo

In a place surrounded by greed and crime, Marge (Frances McDormand) and Norm (John Carroll Lynch) were the happy rays of sunshine and appreciation! They were both police officers, but once they found out they were going to have a baby, they decided one of them should quit. Norm stepped down and focused on his art. Seeing them support each other and work together really reminds me that healthy relationships with little to no complications are indeed possible!

Dick And Jane Harper – Fun With Dick And Jane

Dick (Jim Carrey) and Jane’s (Téa Leoni) relationship seemed to be at a stand-still. They were just going through the motions and really needed to rekindle their flame. Once Jane quit her job and Dick got fired from his, their desperation turned into adventure as they became professional robbers. They worked together so well and not only did they fix their situation and screw over the bad guy who put them in said situation, they found each other again and made their relationship even stronger.

Edna And Wilbur Turnblad – Hairspray

Edna (John Travolta) and Wilbur (Christopher Walken) loved the simple life. They were able to have a nice quiet life with their daughter, Tracy, and their separate businesses. The only time I’ve ever seen them have any conflict was only due to an outside party intentionally trying to destroy them. Even that didn’t last long because they sang a song that reminded them how much they were made for each other.

Ed And Lorraine Warren – The Conjuring

(For the record, I’m referring to the fictional characters, NOT the real people!) Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) are the dream team centered around saving families from demonic forces. For decades, they investigated paranormal and demonic activity that plagued helpless souls. Their bond is so infectious, they’re able to keep families united. Even when the evil forces are turned on them, they stood by each other no matter what!

Michael And Rosalind Pearson – The Gentlemen

Rosalind (Michelle Dockery) and Mickey (Matthew McConaughey) in The Gentlemen.

Michael (Matthew McConaughey) and Rosalind (Michelle Dockery) were one of the best power couples ever written. Not only was their chemistry off the charts, their respect towards each other is impossible to miss. They work as a team and they do whatever it takes to protect each other. They rule together and they’d kill for each other.


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