My Top 10 Favorite ‘ABCs Of Death 2’ Segments

One of my earliest articles was my Top 10 favorite segments from The ABCs Of Death. Since then, I’ve been wanting to do a follow up with my Top 10 Favorite ABCs Of Death 2 segments. It took me so long to do the follow-up because either the film wasn’t available to stream, or I was focused on other articles. After giving it another watch, I’ve finally completed my ranking! I hope you enjoy and let me know which segments would be in your top 10 list! (WARNING!! PARAGRAPHS CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!)

10. S Is For Split

Directed By: Juan Martinez Moreno

Synopsis: While on the phone with her husband, a woman has to escape a maniac who breaks into their home.

I love how the title has multiple meanings. Not only do we see events through split screens, the title also refers to two marriages being destroyed. The camera-style is absolutely brilliant and the story is so appalling. The murders are done so well, witnessing the brutality is almost too hard. What really won me over was the reveal at the end.

9. I Is For Invincible

Directed By: Erik Matti

Synopsis: A group of greedy relatives try to kill their matriarch in order to get their inheritance.

Watching a family as dysfunctional as one who’s willing to burn their mother alive can be a bit stressful. The story of this stone and this family is so darn intriguing, it left me wanting to know more. Plus it has some comedic moments between the siblings, and it reminded me a lot of the family dynamic in Knives Out. If this was turned into a feature length film, I’d definitely pay to see it!

8. Z Is For Zygote

Directed By: Chris Nash

Synopsis: As a pregnant woman waits for her husband to return home, she consumes an herb that prevents her from giving birth.

One thing I never expected to see in my life was a woman pregnant with a 13-year-old baby. It’s such a weird tale with an even weirder conclusion, yet I simply can’t look away. Plus, the special effects are so gruesome, they’re amazing! It’s such a fascinating and disturbing concept with a great execution!

7. A Is For Amateur

Directed By: E.L. Katz

Synopsis: After an assassin imagines the perfect kill, he learns that not everything can be done so easily.

This segment is a great example of fantasy vs. reality. We start off with this bada** assassination montage. However, the reality of air vents hits this guy hard and watching him get stuck was so shocking. The best part for me was even though this guy was absolutely terrible at his job, he still got his target! It’s like doing the wrong equation but still getting the answer correct.

6. R Is For Roulette

Directed By: Marvin Kren

Synopsis: Three people play a daring game of Russian Roulette.

This was a simple yet effective tale with a hell of a twist. We’re witnessing this trio playing Russian Roulette and we start off thinking none of them want to get the bullet, but once we find out there’s a much bigger danger outside of the their cellar, we realize they’re playing this game to find out who gets the quickest death. The acting is superb and it left me not knowing a thing about these characters but caring about them anyways.

5. W Is For Wish

Directed By: Steven Kostanski

Synopsis: Two young boys wish themselves into their favorite action game.

This was a great parody of those old kid’s commercials. These poor kids were given a harsh reality of what that kind of world would be like. The special effects are magnificent and the villains are truly creepy… especially Fantasy Man. I don’t know who’d make that guy a kid’s action figure.

4. J Is For Jesus

Directed By: Dennison Ramalho

Synopsis: After finding out about his son’s secret relationship, a homophobic father hires two men to try to perform an exorcism on him.

This was such a tragic tale and seeing the lengths people go to hurt those they refuse to understand is very sad. I do love the symbolism in this segment and seeing not only the true faces of evil, but also the hate turned back on the haters. It’s bloody, it’s brutal, and it brought an act of vengeance I absolutely love.

3. C Is For Capital Punishment

Directed By: Julian Gilbey

Synopsis: After a young girl goes missing, the townsfolk decide to take matters into their own hands.

This is a prime example of why jumping to conclusions and taking matters into your own hands almost never ends well. This poor man was accused of killing someone and he was conned into confessing. This was frustrating and heartbreaking. Everything about this story was done so well and the added intensity really made this segment unforgettable!

2. O Is For Ochlocracy (Mob Rule)

Directed By: Hajime Ohata

Synopsis: After zombies take over the world, the remaining people who fought for survival are arrested and tried for zombie hate crimes.

This was such a great concept! What would you do if the zombie apocalypse ended the world and after fighting to survive for so long, you’d be put on trial by those very zombies. It’s a great commentary on biases, morals, and punishment. It’s very tragic and comedic at the same time. This is a very entertaining segment!

1. Y Is For Youth

Directed By: Soichi Umezawa

Synopsis: A teenage girl envisions everything she wants to say and do to her horrible parents.

I didn’t expect this to be my all-time favorite segment, but watching it again, it was just done so well. We dive into this poor girl’s mind and through monstrous visualizations, we witness the pain inflicted on her turned around and bite her parents in the a**. It’s a heartbreaking reality that a lot of people go through and having these fantasies manifested in this segment was a fantastic decision.

Honorable Mentions:

K Is For Knell

M Is For Masticate

E Is For Equilibrium


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