The Halloween Tag

It’s day 14 of Spooky Season, and time for another tag! Doing the horror movie tag was really fun, so I wanted to do the Halloween tag. It’s very fitting, considering the occasion. So, I hope you enjoy and if you feel like doing this too, let me know your answers!


Favorite horror or Halloween-themed song? Horror theme: Hello Zepp from SawHalloween theme: This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Have you ever played with a Ouija Board? No, and I never will.

Favorite horror monster or villain? Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th franchise.

The creepiest thing that’s ever happened while you were alone? One time, I woke up from a dead sleep and I saw a dark figure walk across my tv and into my closet. It scared the hell out of me! I turned my lamp on and I was afraid to go back to sleep for a good hour.

If you were dared to spend the night in a “haunted house”, would you do it? Absolutely!


Are you superstitious? I wouldn’t say that I am.

Do you ever see figures in your peripheral vision? No, I don’t.

Which urban legend scares you the most? The Clown Statue creeps me out every time I read it!

Do you prefer gore or thrillers? That’s a tough one. I love a good gore flick, and a good thriller. I probably prefer gore more.

Ever made a potion of any sort? No, I never have.


Do you get scared easily? I’d like to say I don’t, but I definitely do get scared easily.

Have you ever played Bloody Mary? Yes, my friends and I played it back in middle school.

You’re home alone but you hear footsteps in your house, what do you do? I’d probably listen for a few seconds, and if it’s not anyone I know, I’d try to hide or exit the house and call the police.

If you got trapped in one scary movie, which would you choose? I’d probably say Scream. I think I have a decent shot at surviving.

If you could only wear one Halloween costume for the rest of your life, what would you be? Probably Wednesday Addams, because it’s usually my go-to costume.


Would you ever go to a graveyard at night? I don’t have a problem going to one at night, but I wouldn’t go there for just no reason.

In a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? I’d probably say a chainsaw. I don’t know how to shoot a gun, and a chainsaw can do some damage against zombies at a somewhat safe distance.

Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go trick or treating? Halloween party. It’s easy to go buy candy and stay warm indoors, because Colorado is usually freezing on Halloween.

You’re in a horror movie. Are you the final girl, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one, or the killer? If I’m being realistic, I have to say I would definitely be the first to die.

Do you have to watch something happy after watching a horror movie so you can go to sleep? No, at this point, I don’t need to watch anything non-scary right after a horror film. Horror films are my happy movies!


While watching scary movies, are you the person who yells at the characters, the person with their eyes covered the whole time, or the person who falls asleep? Out of these three options, I’m closest to the one who closes their eyes. I don’t actually cover my eyes but I do plug my ears sometimes because jumpscares can be so loud!

Are you the one who gets scared, or the one who does the scaring? Lately, I’ve been scaring others more than getting scared myself.

Favorite scary book? Pet Sematary by Stephen King.

How old were you when you saw your first horror movie? I was about four years old when I saw my first horror film, and it was Bride of Chucky.

What was your first Halloween costume? Man, I can’t remember my first! One of the first I remember was when I was a little Winnie The Pooh bear.

Me as Pooh bear, my sister Melissa as Barney, my brother, Bub as the Reaper, my cousin Danielle as a princess (?), and I have no idea who my cousin Stephanie was dressed as.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? I still haven’t decided if I’m even dressing up for Halloween this year.

If you could have a spooky Halloween pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf), what would you pick? I actually do have a black cat, and her name is Charlie. If I was choosing another spooky pet, I’d probably pick a little bat or an owl.

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