One Thought I Have About ‘Glass’

I know it’s Spooky Season and this post may be a little off topic, but I really just wanted to write about this today. Though I personally loved Glass, there was one thing that couldn’t escape my mind.


So, Ellie Staple’s (Sarah Paulson) goal was to try and convince David (Bruce Willis), Elijah (Samuel L. Jackson), and Patricia (James McAvoy) that their powers aren’t real and it’s all in their minds. Now, when it comes to Patricia and Kevin’s other personalities, manipulating them would understandably be very easy. The Beast JUST joined them and Ellie’s explanations of how The Beast has shown his “powers” are quite convincing. However, it seems M. Night Shyamalan took a step back with David’s character.


In Unbreakable, David spends almost the entire film in denial that he was, well, unbreakable. At the end of Unbreakable, he finally comes to terms that he has this power, that he cannot be hurt, and that he’s unbelievably strong. Not only that, he is able to see visions of people when he touches them. He and his son spent years using David’s powers to help people. Then, in one session with Ellie, David suddenly doubts his abilities again?! I don’t buy it!


David has most likely proven his powers time and time again, and he didn’t even try to show Ellie or convince her that he can’t be hurt. He didn’t know that Ellie knew all along that they were all supers, but he didn’t even try to demand a demonstration. None of them did! I’m starting to wonder if, after all of these years, David just wanted to revert back to being in denial. This all may be silly, but I can’t help it! I loved the film, but I still needed to rant about it. David was a seasoned super! He shouldn’t have been so easily convinced!


2 thoughts on “One Thought I Have About ‘Glass’

  1. I do agree with that rant! I loved the film also but David’s demise was so sad and anticlimactic, the course could have been run so much more satisfying if David’s character could have been used to save the day ( and himself ) for him and his son

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