Remaking Psycho: My Casting Choices

Welcome to Day 15! Today, I’m back with the remakes. I almost chose the original Halloween to remake for Spooky Season. However, I recently rewatched Psycho and I decided to remake this one instead. I was so afraid I wasn’t going to get this done in time. It was a long process to go through all of these names and pick the actors/actresses I believe could do the movie justice. 

I made my choices based on age, looks, and how I picture their overall performance. To make it a real challenge, I also did my best to make sure I didn’t include any stars who were already in some adaptation of the Psycho story, including the sequels, remake, and the Bates Motel TV show. It took a long time, but I have to say I’m pretty happy with my choices! Let me know who you’d cast! (Also, please check out the poll at the bottom of this page to help my posts in the future!)

Norman Bates

Original Actor: Anthony Perkins – My Choice: Landon Liboiron 

Marion Crane

Original Actress: Janet Leigh – My Choice: Margot Robbie 

Lila Crane

Original Actress: Vera Miles – My Choice: Samara Weaving 

Sam Loomis

Original Actor: John Gavin – My Choice: Richard Madden

Milton Arbogast

Original Actor: Martin Balsam – My Choice: Michael Shannon 

Sheriff Al Chambers

Original Actor: John McIntire – My Choice: John Carroll Lynch

Mrs. Chambers

Original Actress: Lurene Tuttle – My Choice: Julie Benz

Tom Cassidy

Original Actor: Frank Albertson – My Choice: David Morrissey 

Dr. Fred Richman

Original Actor: Simon Oakland – My Choice: Rory Cochrane 


Original Actress: Patricia Hitchcock – My Choice – Hayley McFarland

George Lowery

Original Actor: Vaughn Taylor – My Choice – James Parks 

California Charlie

Original Actor: John Anderson – My Choice: Colin Hanks

Highway Patrol Officer

Original Actor: Mort Mills – My Choice: Ben Foster 

The Voice Of Norma Bates

Original Actress: Virginia Gregg – My Choice: Toni Collette 

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