Most Brutal Horror Movie Massacre Scenes

Welcome to Day 18! Recently, I rewatched 30 Days Of Night and I honestly forgot just how brutal that movie was. It made me think about how I don’t see a lot of articles regarding the epic massacre scenes that the horror genre has to offer. So, today I am sharing my personal favorite brutal massacre scenes. WARNING: these scenes contain spoilers, some nudity, and lots of graphic violence! Proceed with caution and enjoy the carnage!

Tearing Through The Town – 30 Days Of Night

Let’s Get This Party Started – The Cabin In The Woods

The Hunt Begins – The Hunt

In A Split Second – Ghost Ship

No One Is Laughing Now – Carrie (1976)

Dreams Become Nightmares – Tragedy Girls

Alessa’s Revenge – Silent Hill

Party’s Over – The Collection

The Halloween School Bus Massacre – Trick ‘R Treat

Rise Of The Children – Children of The Corn (1984)

On The Carousel – Saw 6

Containment – Resident Evil

Eradicate Everyone – 28 Weeks Later 

The Last Plague – The Reaping 

Dinner Is Served – From Dusk Till Dawn

The Bonfire Bloodbath – The Lost Boys

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