Behind The Scenes Saturday: Halloween (2007)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! We’ve reached the end of October and my daily Spooky Season posts are now complete! I want to thank all of you who’ve read my posts and continued to support me. I’m very grateful to you all! Luckily, Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, so I can end Spooky Season talking about my favorite film in the Halloween franchise! Fun fact: Rob Zombie’s Halloween was actually my introduction to Michael Myers, so it’ll always hold a special place in my heart. I hope you enjoy and have a fun and safe Halloween!!

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  • Malcolm McDowell (Samuel) ended up ruining a lot of takes by making the other cast members break character and laugh hysterically. 
  • Most of the film was shot in South Pasadena, California, where John Carpenter’s original Halloween was filmed. When Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton) looks outside her school’s library and sees Michael (Tyler Mane) staring at her, he’s actually standing in front of the house that was used for Laurie’s house in the original film. 
  • Originally, Ronnie (William Forsythe) was supposed to just have a brace on his wrist. However, William ended up injuring his leg before filming began. Because of this, Ronnie’s leg injury was worked into the film. 
  • The film’s director, Rob Zombie, was initially against the idea of casting anyone who was involved with the original franchise. Once Halloween 4 star Danielle Harris (Annie) heard about the remake at a horror convention, her agent had to go to great lengths to get her an audition. She stated that the main reason she got the part of Annie was because she agreed to do the topless chase scene. She explained she wanted to be taken seriously as an adult actress and not just referred to as “little Jamie”. Another reason she agreed to do the topless scene was she felt it helped achieve the right level of vulnerability for her character. 
  • Emma Stone auditioned for the role of Laurie Strode before the part went to Scout Taylor-Compton. 
  • Before the studio agreed to Zombie’s remake, they almost greenlit a prequel completely set around Michael’s days at the asylum, which actually was included in the remake. 
  • In the beginning, Rob Zombie wanted Danielle Harris to play Laurie and Sheri Moon Zombie (Deborah) to play Lynda (Kristina Klebe). 
  • The man who sells a gun to Samuel was played by Micky Dolenz, the singer and drummer for The Monkees. 
  • Sheri Moon Zombie was cast as Deborah Myers due to her height. Zombie wanted a tall actress to play Michael’s mother to explain Michael’s height. 
  • Danielle Panabaker auditioned for Laurie but lost the part to Scout Taylor Compton. Ironically, Scout auditioned for Jenna in the Friday The 13th remake and lost the role to Panabaker. 
  • The rock band KISS was a great inspiration to Rob Zombie’s music career. He paid tribute to the band by playing their song God of Thunder in the beginning of this film, and by having young Michael (Daeg Faerch) wear a KISS t-shirt. 
  • Dimension Studios wanted to make a crossover film with Michael Myers and Hellraiser’s Pinhead. However, the idea was scrapped when they posted a poll on their official website and there was nothing but anger from the fans. 
  • John Hurt was considered for the role of Samuel Loomis before Malcolm McDowell was cast. 
  • Skyler Gisondo actually auditioned for young Michael before landing the role of Tommy Doyle.
  • When Jenny Gregg Stewart (Lindsay Wallace) first saw Tyler Mane in his Michael costume, she was genuinely terrified. 
  • Max Van Ville auditioned for the role of Judith’s (Hanna Hall) boyfriend Steve (Adam Weisman), but ended up playing Annie’s boyfriend, Paul instead. 
  • In the film’s alternate ending, Michael didn’t try to crush Loomis’ skull and he ended up getting gunned down by the police. This ending and Myers’ asylum escape were both changed. 
  • Ismael’s (Danny Trejo) death scene was removed when studio heads disliked it. Rob Zombie fought to have it put back in, explaining that Michael killing Ismael perfectly showed how brutal and compassion-lacking he is. Zombie ended up winning and was able to keep the scene in. 
  • When Laurie and Michael fall off of the balcony, a stunt woman ended up seriously injuring herself. This is why the screen immediately cuts to black after they fall and we don’t see them land. 

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