The Unintentional Foreshadowing In ‘Scream’

I was originally going to make this an article about random thoughts I had about the Scream franchise, but I wanted to give this particular subject a page of its own because I really like it. Recently, while rewatching Scream, I realized it foreshadowed the twist in Scream 3. (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

In the scene where Randy and Stu were in the video store discussing the main suspects, Stu tries to casually shift the focus to Sidney’s father as the chief suspect.

Randy doubts this theory, pointing out that the father is simply being used to throw the cops (and us) off. He uses the movie Prom Night as an example, saying that if the cops watched it, it would save everyone time.

In Prom Night, the main character, Kimberly’s father is also suspected as being the killer. Not only was Randy correct in assuming that Sidney’s dad was being treated the same way as Kimberly’s dad, he was also so close in pointing out the true culprit behind all of the murders.

In Prom Night, the killer was not Kimberly’s dad… but her brother, Alex!

Now in Scream 3, who was the true perpetrator behind all of the murders?

Not Sidney’s father… but her brother, Roman!

In just one line, Randy gave us all the answer to who was behind everything. I believe this tidbit of foreshadowing was completely unintentional, but it was just too perfect!

This is just a meme for your entertainment.

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