Remaking What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?: My Casting Choices

Welcome to Day 11 of Spooky Season!! For today’s remake post, I picked out the next film my horror friends opted for, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?! This was such a heartbreaking horror film, filled with dread and frustration. It also brought one of the most memorable feuds in filmmaking history. I really wanted to pick a cast I think could do this film justice, much like the original cast did, and I think I did a decent job this time! If you’d like to check out my other remake articles, you can click here! Also, let me know who you would cast in the comments! (REMINDER: this is just hypothetical fun! I love and respect everyone mentioned and this series isn’t meant to tear anyone down or be disrespectful!)(I also don’t know a lot of child actors, so I had to omit young Jane and Blanche from this article).

Baby Jane Hudson

Original Actress: Bette Davis (pictured left) – My Choice: Rebecca Gayheart (Urban Legend, Jawbreaker)

Blanche Hudson

Original Actress: Joan Crawford (pictured top left) – My Choice: Jennifer Connelly (Dark Water, Requiem For A Dream)

Edwin Flagg

Original Actor: Victor Buono (pictured top) – My Choice: Dean-Charles Chapman (1917)

Dehlia Flagg

Original Actress: Marjorie Bennett (pictured bottom left) – My Choice: Jane Carr (Friends, 31)

Mrs. Bates

Original Actress: Anna Lee (pictured top left) – My Choice: Julie Benz (Dexter, Saw V)

Liza Bates

Original Actress: Barbara Merrill (pictured bottom left) – My Choice: Sophia Lillis (IT, Gretel & Hansel)

Elvira Stitt

Original Actress: Maidie Norman (pictured bottom left) – My Choice: Merrin Dungey (The King Of Queens, Friends)

Ben Golden

Original Actor: Bert Freed (pictured top left) – My Choice: John C. Reilly (Stan & Ollie, Step Brothers)

Marty Mcdonald

Original Actor: Wesley Addy (pictured left) – My Choice: John Cho (Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle, Searching)

Ray Hudson

Original Actor: Dave Willock (pictured top left) – My Choice: Jon Cryer (Big Time Adolescence, Two And A Half Men)

Cora Hudson

Original Actress: Anne Barton (pictured left) – My Choice: Katee Sackhoff (Oculus, Halloween: Resurrection)

Dr. Shelby

Original Actor: Robert Cornthwaite (pictured top) – My Choice: Jude Law (Sherlock Holmes, Repo Men)

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