Best Horror Movie Double Features – Part 1

Welcome to Day 12!! Today, I’m bringing you some horror movie double feature recommendations! I wanted to make a list of horror films that I think pair well together for movie nights! These films are connected in some way, BUT are not part of the same franchise. I hope you enjoy and let me know what films you think should be added to the list!

Sorority Row and The Roommate

Connection: College Chaos

This is a great double feature for those who love films based in a college campus. In one corner, The Roommate, we have a college freshman who realizes that her new roommate is taking drastic measures to be her friend. In the other corner, Sorority Row, we have a mysterious killer stalking a sorority one year after one of their sisters is brutally murdered. If you like horror films that are more on the thriller/mystery aspect in a college setting, these two films come highly recommended!

Shaun Of The Dead and Zombieland

Connection: Zom-Coms

These two films are perfect if you love gore, zombies, and comedies! They’re the perfect combination of laughs and horrors. Shaun Of The Dead is a true underdog story of a loser rising up in an apocalypse to save the ones he loves. Zombieland brings us a group of misfits realizing they have a chance to start over and prove themselves to be heroes. If you want to kick back with a good Zom-Com, these two are a must!

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978) and The Thing (1982)

Connection: Aliens Hiding Among Us

This was always a terrifying concept: being unsure if someone you’ve known for so long is suddenly no longer human. In The Thing, a group of researchers are trapped in a wintery nightmare with an alien life form that mutates into the people and animals it comes into contact with. In Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, a small group of friends are trapped in a city surrounded by aliens who’ve taken over their friends and loved ones. This is the perfect duo filled with dread, isolation, and paranoia.

The Lost Boys and The Forsaken

Connection: Sexy Vampires

I absolutely love a vampire film that has great characters, epic style, and killer music! Both of these films have young protagonists finding themselves to be the target of a clan of vampires. The Lost Boys is an ‘80s classic about a young boy trying to save his brother from turning into a vampire. The Forsaken is an underrated gem about a man picking up a hitchhiker who happens to be a vampire hunter trying to trying to rid the world of the forsaken. These films are great for a bloody and sexy vampire movie night!

Thinner and Drag Me To Hell

Connection: Curses

Thinner is a Stephen King adaptation centered around an overweight lawyer who is cursed to lose weight until he perishes after he accidentally runs over a woman. Drag Me To Hell is about a young loan officer who is cursed after shaming an elderly woman and refusing to help her. They both bring horrifying scenarios about being cursed to fates that are too frightening to even imagine. They also show what lengths people would go through when they’re desperate enough to escape such terrors.

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