Best Horror Movie Double Features – Part 2

Welcome to Day 11 of Spooky Season! I’m back with more horror movie double features to keep you entertained this Halloween. Although these films aren’t in the same franchise, I believe for one reason or another that they work very well together and should be viewed back to back. I hope you enjoy and if you need more double feature recommendations, please check out part 1!

Trick ‘R Treat and Krampus

Connection: Holiday Horror

I have Michael Dougherty to thank for bringing me two of my favorite holiday horror films! My Halloween must-watch is Trick ‘R Treat, where we get four spooky tales filled with death, blood and good ol’ Samhain traditions. To get into the Christmas spirit, I throw on Krampus, a tale about a boy who gives up on the spirit of Christmas and ends up bringing the wrath of the Anti-Claus on his family’s heads. Although these films are about 2 different holidays, they have the magic of containing the spirits of said holidays and they just work so well together.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Gretel & Hansel

Connection: The Story Of Hansel & Gretel

Sometimes the retelling of an old tale can make the material tired and boring. When it comes to the story of Hansel & Gretel, these two films provide fresh and unique takes. With Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, we see the frightened children grow up to be bada**, professional witch hunters who have to stop an ancient ritual that will make witches completely unstoppable. It still has plenty of horror elements but it’s also fantastic thrill ride! Then we get a tone change with Gretel & Hansel. After being kicked out of their home, Gretel and her younger brother Hansel find themselves in the care of an old witch who has special plans for Gretel. It’s visually stunning and chillingly gripping. If your a fan of the old Hansel & Gretel tale, these two are a must-see!

The ‘Burbs and Fright Night (1985)

Connection: Neighbor Paranoia

One of the best sub-genres out there is Neighborhood Horror. It’s a terrifying thing to look out your window and contemplate what kind of person lives next door to you. That is what our protagonists in these two ‘80s classics have to deal with. Stuck in The ‘Burbs, a man and his friends start to wonder if the new neighbors are picking off the other suburban residents. On a real Fright Night, a teenager starts to suspect that his next door neighbor is a bloodthirsty vampire, and that he may be his next victim. I originally had another double feature in mind, but when I thought about it, Fright Night and The ‘Burbs have a very similar vibe. With the drive to find the truth, memorable characters and classic ‘80s cheesiness, these two movies go together like blood and human sacrifice.

The Strangers and You’re Next

Connection: Home Invasion

The only thing scarier than living next door to a killer is having one (or more) invade your home. After a proposal gone wrong, a young couple returns home to find The Strangers stalking and tormenting them. In a home where You’re Next, a family’s reunion is suddenly interrupted by masked killers who greatly underestimate one of the dinner guests. Both films have a very terrifying and suspenseful setting. We get different scenarios with different outcomes so you won’t guess what’s gonna happen! So, turn off all the lights, lock all the doors, and enjoy these maniacs invading the one place you feel safe.

Unfriended and Searching

Connection: Internet Hell

This was a very cool and new horror sub-genre. We get to see interactions, horrors, and secrets all through the screen of a computer. In Unfriended, after a tragic suicide, a group of friends planning a concert trip get a mysterious Skype friend who tries to get them to confess their own sins. In Searching, a man’s daughter goes missing and he must use her social media to find her before it’s too late. These films ended up popularizing a new sub-genre to bring audiences technological terror. Both stories are so intriguing and they not only keep you guessing, they leave you surprised!

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