My Favorite Horror Final Guys – Part 3

Welcome to Day 17 of Spooky Season!! It’s been a couple of years since I wrote about my favorite final guys, so I wanted to bring the series back! These men have been tormented, tortured, but they fought tooth and nail and triumphed in the end. If you don’t see your favorite final guy here, be sure to check out my Favorite Final Guys collection! (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Alex Browning – Final Destination

Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) was just a normal high school student, until Death decided to target him and his classmates as they boarded a plane to Paris. Through a premonition, Alex was forced to watch everyone around him die before feeling the flames from the plane’s explosion on his own face. Luckily, Alex took this sign and left the plane with a handful of his peers. However, Death wasn’t finished with them. As the body count rose after the crash, Alex tried his best to see the signs and prevent his friends from horribly dying. He was an intelligent kid who not only figured out death’s design, but prevented a few people from dying… even if only for a little while.

Rodger – Night Of The Demons

To celebrate Halloween, Rodger (Alvin Alexis) and his friends decided to have a party in an abandoned funeral parlor. After many bad decisions, the partygoers started to either become possessed by demons or become brutally murdered by said demons. Rodger was smart enough to know when to leave, although it was too little too late. After almost everyone was damned, Rodger was left with his friend, Judy (Cathy Podewell). Although it seemed like Rodger was giving up, the duo were able to find a way out of the large gate keeping them on the property. One of the final scenes of the film really made me have great respect for him. He and Judy had to climb barbed wire over the gate to escape their possessed friends. He made it over the gate, but Judy was having a lot of trouble. Rodger was terrified and I was honestly afraid that once he made it over the gate, he’d leave Judy behind. I’m so glad Rodger proved me wrong and climbed back over to get Judy! It was a wonderful moment of courage, and I’m very happy Rodger chose to put his fears aside and be the hero!

Jesse – Bride Of Chucky

All Jesse (Nick Stabile) wanted was to be with the one he loved. He had quite a few obstacles between him and his girlfriend, Jade (Katherine Heigl). Jade’s uncle was very controlling of their relationship and did everything he could to keep them apart. He even had a fellow officer act as his eyes and ears and invade the couple’s privacy. On top of that, when Jesse had the opportunity to run away with Jade, they had to transport a couple of dolls to New Jersey… that happened to be possessed by Jesse’s neighbor and her boyfriend. Even with everything and everyone against him, Jesse never gave up. He fought and sacrificed for Jade and he was someone I rooted for every step of his way!

Tim Russell – Oculus

The tale of Tim Russell (Brenton Thwaites) and his family is a tragic one. When he was a young boy, Tim, his sister, Kaylie (Karen Gillan), and their parents moved into a new house. While decorating, their father purchased a mysterious mirror with a haunting past. Poor Tim and Kaylie had to watch their family decline at the hands of the mirror. They witnessed the disappearance of their dog, the mental decline of their mother, and the brutality of their father. After both of their parents are killed, Tim was taken to a mental institution, and after years of therapy, he was released and convinced of a more logical explanation of his family’s destruction. However, Kaylie knew the truth and came up with a plan to prove Tim’s innocence. After being tormented by the mirror once more, Tim tried to destroy it once and for all… but he ended up accidentally killing Kaylie. It was such a gut punch moment. Tim couldn’t be rid of the torture that mirror gave him. I have to include him in this series because he suffered so much. He was smart, but he couldn’t outsmart that damn mirror.

Paul Sheldon – Misery

Paul Sheldon (James Caan) was a beloved writer who was most known for his Misery series. After years of writing the same series, Paul wanted to be taken more seriously, so he decided to kill off his most famous literary character in an effort to move on. Unfortunately, after he finished his new book, he crashed his car and ended up in the home of his biggest fan/stalker, Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates). Once Annie found out her favorite character was killed off, she turned her new patient into a prisoner. Unable to walk, Paul had to figure out how to escape. After some failed attempts, Paul came up with the most brilliant plan! He used Annie’s obsession with him against her. He was careful, patient, and a fighter when he really needed to be.

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