My Favorite ‘South Park’ Horror Parodies – Part 2

Welcome to Day 27 of Spooky Season! Last year, I made a list of my favorite horror parodies from the tv show, South Park. This year, I finally have access to all of the episodes, so I was finally able to complete my list! If you’d like to check out part 1, click here! Also, let me know your favorite horror parody from the show!

The Sixth Sense/Poltergeist – Dead Celebrities

2009 was once known as the year with all the celebrity deaths. In this parody, poor Ike Broflovski is haunted by all the ghosts of the celebrities that passed away, including Billy Mays and Farrah Fawcett. We get a hilarious scene where Ike has to talk to his therapist about how he sees dead celebrities that reflects the famous “I see dead people” scene in The Sixth Sense. As the hauntings get worse, we step into Poltergeist territory as Zelda Rubinstein’s legendary character steps in to help Ike. This episode even takes a jab at ghost hunter shows. South Park took a tragedy and gave us a perfect paranormal parody!

The Human Centipede – HUMANCENTiPAD

How Trey Parker and Matt Stone came up with this concept, I’ll never know! With the rise of Apple’s iPad, Kyle Broflovski unknowingly agrees to have himself surgically made into a human centipede/iPad hybrid. I love how this episode mocks the iTunes terms and conditions because of how long it is. Apple really could put anything they want in the terms and conditions considering no one reads the whole thing. The Human Centipede is one of the most messed up horror films and the fact that South Park took the concept and made it about Steve Jobs and Apple somehow made it clash together so well.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers – Goth Kids 3: Dawn Of The Posers

This episode is all about the goth kids! After one of the goth kids, Henrietta gets sent to a camp for troubled youths, she comes back as an emo to her friends’ horror. As more and more goth and vampire kids get turned emo, enemies must work together to figure out how to stop their friends from transforming. Like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, this episode centers around unusual plants invading people’s bodies and changing them. It was such a silly and fun episode that had conspiracies, betrayal, and the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe!

Pet Sematary – Marjorine

South Park has actually had Pet Sematary’s Jud Crandall make an appearance a few episodes before this one. However, Marjorine is the episode that actually parodies the movie itself. When Eric Cartman discovers the girls have a strange device, the boys devise a plan to infiltrate a slumber party and grab said device. To accomplish this, they use a dead pig to fake Butters Stotch’s death and have him dress as a girl to go to the party. As Butters’ parents mourn his “death,” Jud Crandall shows up and tells his dad about the ancient Native American burial ground that brings the dead to life. Of course, his dad buries the dead pig there just in time for Butters to come back home to tell them he never died. Poor Butters is then treated like an undead demon who’s now chained in their basement. It was an awesome parody, but it’s also one of the worst things that ever happened to Butters.

The Omen – Damien

The first time we see Satan, he wasn’t known as the entity in love with Saddam Hussein. He was the ruler in Hell ready to square off against Jesus Christ. To announce his arrival, Satan sends his son Damien to South Park. I love the connections to The Omen, from a parody of the film’s famous theme, to Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick calling Damien’s mother a real dog, referencing Damian’s jackal mother. This was a great homage, and I honestly wish that Damien made more appearances in the show considering we saw more of Satan’s story.

Cloverfield – Pandemic/Pandemic 2: The Startling

Not only was this a great episode, this has one of the most hilarious Randy Marsh moments in the entire show! As South Park is being terrorized by ginormous guinea pigs, Randy decides to record everything. The found footage sub-genre has become very popular in horror over the years and Cloverfield was one of the films that re-spiked its popularity. In this episode, we really see the found footage genre on the outside as Randy shoves his camera into people’s faces and intentionally films his feet as he runs. It was movie parody that brought us an ideal Randy situation!

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