Ranking The Final Words Of The ‘Friday The 13th’ Victims

Welcome to Day 28! As we near the end of Spooky Season, I wanted to do one last rank. I originally wanted to start a series of my favorite final words of horror victims. I decided to save that one for another time and instead rank all the final words spoken by the victims in the first Friday The 13th film! I ranked these phrases based on originality, execution, and memorability. (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS!!!) I debated including Pamela Voorhees’ final words, but considering she’s the killer, I’m not including her on this particular list. Enjoy!!

9. Jack (Kevin Bacon)

Oh, yeah.

Jack had a much better line before adding that “oh, yeah.” He could’ve had more originality, but instead, he’s dead last.

8. Claudette (Debra S. Hayes)

Please don’t! No!

Your boyfriend was just killed, Claudette. I don’t think the killer is going to let you live because you’re polite.

7. Annie (Robbi Morgan)

Hey, wasn’t that the road up for Camp Crystal Lake back there? Uh, I think we better stop. Please? Stop, please. Please stop! Please stop! No. No. No.

It’s very repetitive. If someone doesn’t stop the car after the first time you ask them to, asking over and over isn’t going to do anything.

6. Ned (Mark Nelson)

Hello? Can I help you? Hello? Hello?

This one is also repetitive, but the fact that Ned asked the killer if he could help them made me laugh, so it’s ranked higher.

5. Barry (Willie Adams)

We weren’t doing anything. We were just messing a-

Poor guy didn’t even get to finish his final words! I rated it pretty high because it’s hilarious that they were caught fooling around red-handed, and he tried to convince the killer they weren’t doing anything.

4. Brenda (Laurie Bartram)

All right. Come on out, it’s not funny anymore! It’s not funny at all.

I have to give props to Brenda for being scared, yet standing her ground. It seemed like she was trying to convince herself it was all a joke.

3. Marcie (Jeannine Taylor)

Must be my imagination.

It’s a very nice moment of relief for Marcie before she’s killed.

2. Bill (Harry Crosby)

Why don’t you stay here and try to get some sleep? I’ll be right back.

Although saying “I’ll be right back” is considered a cliche now, I consider it a classic.

1. Steve Christy (Peter Brouwer)

Hello? Who is that? Oh, hi. What are you doing out in this mess?

It was a great reaction that didn’t give away the killer’s identity. Plus it was a great question that I believe has a double meaning – what are you doing out in this rainy mess, and what are you doing out in this bloody mess?

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