The Best Dance Scenes In Horror (Video)

Well, it’s officially Halloween!! I want to thank all of you for your support, I am eternally grateful! I wanted to do something really special for the final day of Spooky Season, so I made a compilation video of the best dance scenes in the horror genre. I was inspired by one of my favorite YouTube videos, which you can check out here! I didn’t get to get all the clips I want in there, but I’m still very happy with how it turned out, and I might do a part 2 in the future for the ones I missed! I hope this video gets you psyched for the best time of the year. Enjoy and have a fun and safe Halloween!!

I want to give a special thank you to the creator who helped make my video possible, Jeff II! All music credit goes to him, here is the link to the song:

and please check out his YouTube channel here!:


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