Random Thoughts/Unpopular Opinions I Had About ‘The Office’

Well, after so many years of never finishing The Office, I finally binged it from beginning to end! I admit, I was hesitant to watch the last 2 seasons after hearing about how much everyone hated them. After finally finishing the show, I accumulated some random thoughts and most likely unpopular opinions about the show. I hope you enjoy!

  • Holly didn’t deserve to be treated the way she was. She tolerated Michael’s behavior a lot better than she should’ve. When Holly returned to Dunder Mifflin and Michael found out she was still in her relationship with A.J., he decided to be petty and destroy a present that meant a lot to her. Then he tried to pressure her to break up with A.J., and when she did, Michael tried to pressure her to get back together with him. It would be one thing if she came to the conclusion on her own that she wanted to be with Micheal, but to me, some of their relationship felt forced.
  • I’m still confused about how it’s revealed that Angela’s son Phillip is also Dwight’s son when the doctor revealed in the season 9 premiere that their DNA wasn’t a match. Was it faulty results, or did Angela pay the doctor to lie?
  • I loved the Robert California episodes. I know everyone was upset when Michael left. They weren’t happy with Deangelo Vickers cause he seemed to be too similar to Michael. I think Robert was a refreshing change. You didn’t know what was going to come out of his mouth. He was confident, laid back, and a refreshing change of pace. The show didn’t need another Michael Scott. However, I’ll admit I did get a little giddy when David Wallace returned to run the company.
  • Everyone wanted to hate Pam for “not supporting” Jim’s dream when Jim constantly supported her. The way I saw it, Pam did support what Jim wanted to do. They tried to make it work and it was just harder than they anticipated. Pam was tired of decisions being made without her input, which would anger anyone. Once Pam realized their relationship was stronger than she thought, she decided she was ready to try again! Plus, Pam’s dream didn’t cost $10,000, and they didn’t have 2 kids to support at the time, but that’s neither here nor there.
  • I don’t believe Andy’s character was completely destroyed after he came back from his boat trip. In my mind, he was a great manager, but I guess he got cocky. He left his job and his girlfriend because after he got them, he assumed he could do whatever he wanted and they’d both still be with him. Yeah, he became jerky and petty after Erin dumped him, but it’s the same attitude Michael had towards Holly when she had a boyfriend. At least in this instance, Andy was able to move on and he didn’t constantly pressure her to get back with him.
  • When they did the Q & A panel one year after the documentary’s premiere, I wonder why a lot of people weren’t asked to attend. I know Micheal’s big surprise was not until Dwight and Angela’s wedding, but there were a lot of Office regulars who didn’t show up: Robert California, Jo Bennett, Gabe Lewis, Jan Levinson, etc. they were all a part of the documentary too.
  • So it was always stated that a person could not be fired without cause. When Dwight became the manager, he fired Kevin and Toby. He had good reason to fire Kevin, but they never said why Dwight fired Toby.

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