My Favorite Horror Movie Quotes – Part 7

Welcome to Day 3 of Spooky Season! I’m back with part 7 of my favorite horror movie quotes! These are quotes that I couldn’t get out of my head for one reason or another. I hope you enjoy and please check out parts 1-6 in my Quotes Collection!

A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master – Chorus Children And Alice Johnson (Lisa Wilcox)

Chorus Children: “Now I lay me down to sleep. The Master of Dreams my soul will keep. In the reflection of my mind’s eye…”

Alice: “Evil will see itself, and it shall die!”

Evil Dead (2013) – Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci)

“Dying wouldn’t be so bad right now. I just don’t want to become the Devil’s b***h.”

Se7en – Dr. Beardsley (Richard Portnow)

“Detective, he’d die of shock right now if you were to shine a flashlight in his eyes. He’s experienced about as much pain and suffering as anyone I’ve encountered, give or take… and he still has Hell to look forward to.”

Joy Ride – Lewis Thomas (Paul Walker) and Fuller Thomas (Steve Zahn)

Lewis: “Do you ever miss mom and dad?”

Fuller: “Yeah, I miss mom’s chocolate chip cookies… playing football with dad on Sundays. Going to… oh wait, that was someone else’s childhood. What I meant was, ‘no’.”

Creepshow – Lenora Castonmeyer (Ann Muffly) and Upson Pratt (E.G. Marshall)

Lenora: “I just called to tell you what a monster you are, Mr. Pratt. And how I will rejoice when you’re finally dead!”

Upson: “Lots of people are going to rejoice when I’m dead. Who are you?”

The Monster Squad – Detective Sapir (Stan Shaw) and Night Watchman (Ernie Brown)

Sapir: “So nobody took the mummy.”

Watchman: “I would’ve heard them.”

Sapir: “Of course he would’ve. What a stupid question. Did you take him?”

Watchman: “No, sir.”

Sapir: “Just a shot. That’s it, Del. This case is too hard, man. Let’s be firemen instead.”

The Ring – Richard Morgan (Brian Cox)

“What is it with reporters? You take one person’s tragedy and force the world to experience it… spread it like sickness.”

Final Destination – Bludworth (Tony Todd)

“In death, there are no accidents. No coincidences, no mishaps, and no escapes.”

Rope – Brandon (John Dall)

“I always wished for more artistic talent. Well, murder can be an art, too. The power to kill can be just as satisfying as the power to create.”

Final Destination 3 – Ian McKinley (Kris Lemche)

“Equal… in death’s eyes? All of us? How can you say that? Dude, think it through: Charlie Manson, made it to 70. Osama, still kicking. Pimps, vice presidents, walking around, all the atrocities they committed, they’re alive and well. These two girls, never done s**t to anybody, they don’t get to make it to 18. Where’s the f***ing equality in that?”

Rest Stop – Nicole Carrow (Jaimie Alexander)

“I guess I found him… My own private demon.”

Young Frankenstein – Frederick Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) and Igor (Marty Feldman)

Frederick: “Werewolf?”

Igor: “There.”

Frederick: “What?”

Igor: “There, wolf. There, castle.”

Repo! The Genetic Opera – Graverobber (Terrance Zdunich)

“And what if you could have genetic perfection? Would you change who you are if you could?”

The Amityville Horror (2005) – Kathy Lutz (Melissa George) and George Lutz (Ryan Reynolds)

Kathy: “Is this discipline, or torture?”

George: “I thought it was meatloaf.”

28 Days Later… – Henry West (Christopher Eccleston)

“This is what I’ve seen in the four weeks since infection. People killing people, which is much what I saw in the four weeks before infection, and the four weeks before that, and before that, and as far back as I care to remember. People killing people, which to my mind, puts us in a state of normality right now.”

The Cabin In The Woods – Marty (Fran Kranz) and Dana (Kristen Connolly)

Marty: “Giant evil Gods.”

Dana: “I wish I could’ve seen them.”

Marty: “I know. That would have been a fun weekend.”

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday – Creighton Duke (Steven Williams)

“In a Voorhees was he born, through a Voorhees may he be reborn, and only by the hands of a Voorhees will he die.”

The Hills Have Eyes (2006) – Gas Station Attendant (Tom Bower)

“I told you it’s over! I’m out, do you hear me?! You’re on your own now!”

The Uninvited (2009) – Alex Ivers (Arielle Kebbel)

“I mean, how could you not send my letters? Those were my letters, Dad. What? Were you too afraid I’d tell her about your new little girlfriend, was that it? Talk about all the dirty little secrets?”

The Thing (1982) – Childs (Keith David) and MacReady (Kurt Russell)

Childs: “Well, what do we do?”

MacReady: “Why don’t we just… wait here for a little while… see what happens?”

Jennifer’s Body – Colin Gray (Kyle Gallner) and Jennifer Check (Megan Fox)

Colin: “They’re showing “Rocky Horror” at the Bijou next Friday night.”

Jennifer: “I don’t like boxing movies.”

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? – Dehlia Flagg (Marjorie Bennett) and Edwin Flagg (Victor Buono)

Dehlia: “Oh, they found her all right. They found her all right! They found her in some hotel room with some man she’d never even seen before!”

Edwin: “Well, why should that upset you?! Isn’t that how I was conceived?”

The Lost Boys – Grandpa (Barnard Hughes)

“One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the d**n vampires.”

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Mina Harker (Peta Wilson)

“You broke my heart once. This time you missed.”

Saw II – John Kramer (Tobin Bell)

“The jigsaw piece I cut from my subjects was only ever meant to be a symbol that that subject was missing something. A vital piece of the human puzzle: the survival instinct.”

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