My Favorite Horror Final Guys – Part 4

Welcome back to Day 6 of Spooky Season! For today, I’m posting part 4 of my favorite horror movie final guys. These are the final guys who don’t get the credit they deserve in the horror genre. They proved themselves in the face of danger with their bravery, intelligence, and inability to give up. I hope you enjoy, and if you don’t see your favorite final guy on this list, please check out my Final Guys Collection! (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Wade Johnson – Cooties

Wade (Rainn Wilson) was an absolute tool, but he was someone I couldn’t help but root for. When an elementary school is suddenly run by zombie children, Wade and the other teachers must band together and think of a way to escape. When everything went to Hell, Wade immediately took the lead and made the tough decisions. When one of the teachers was infected by a zombie, he didn’t hesitate to isolate him from the rest of the group. It also wasn’t easy for him, but he was the first one to kill one of the zombie children. Some of his actions may have been perceived as selfish or horrible, but they were the right and smart decisions. He even redeemed himself when he sacrificed himself to save the love of his life and the rest of the group. It seemed like he was done for, but he fought through and lived to kick more a** in the end!

Will Rollins – Freddy vs. Jason

Most people forget or move on from their first love, but Will (Jason Ritter) and Lori Campbell (Monica Keena) never moved on from each other. After seeing Lori’s dad kill her mom (or so he thought), Will was sent to an insane asylum and spent a few years there. It wasn’t until he realized Lori was in danger that he finally decided to escape the asylum and run back to her. Now caught in the middle of a battle between two maniacs, Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) and Jason Voorhees (Ken Kirzinger), Will did everything he could to make sure nothing happened to the love of his life. He never left her side and when they had the chance to escape, Lori decided she wanted to stay and watch Freddy die. Will not only stayed with her, he helped her cause an explosion that took care of both their problems.

Randy Meeks – Scream

Randy (Jamie Kennedy) is not only one of my favorite final guys, he’s probably my favorite horror movie nerd of all time! As his friends were being picked off one by one by a ghostface-masked killer, Randy used some of his knowledge to try and help find out who it is. He used all of the horror movie knowledge he collected over the years to not only figure out who’s more likely innocent or guilty, he created tips to help future potential slasher victims survive. He was undoubtedly the smartest character. When Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) was the first suspect in the murders, Randy never lost that suspicion. He also suspected Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard) when no one else did. Lastly, by following his own rule and staying a virgin, he ended up saving his own life.

Mister – Stake Land

In a world where bloodthirsty vampires caused an apocalypse, only the mentally and physically strongest survive. When the world ended, Mister (Nick Damici) fought hard against his adversaries and he fought well. Unexpectedly, he ended up taking a young boy, Martin (Connor Paolo), under his wing. He became very protective of Martin since he lost his family and taught him everything he knew about fighting and hunting. Mister put up a tough front to make it in this new world but deep down, he was a caring soul and a hell of a father figure. When Martin learned everything he needed to to survive, Mister knew when it was time to let him be on his own. He was a natural protector and teacher and I’d want him with me during an apocalypse.

Tucker And Dale – Tucker And Dale vs. Evil

All Tucker (Alan Tudyk) And Dale (Tyler Labine) wanted to do was remodel the summer home Tucker purchased and relax with some fishing. Fate landed them in the same spot where a group of college kids were enjoying a camping trip. After many misunderstandings, Tucker and Dale needed to fight for their lives and their innocence against the kids who believed the lovable duo were evil. They were highly underestimated and with the resources they had, they fought against the truly evil villain, Chad (Jesse Moss), saved the damsel in distress, and unleashed the heroism they didn’t know they had in themselves. They didn’t always make the smartest decisions but they followed through in the face of danger!

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