Tributes From The Fans: The Lost Boys

Welcome to Day 7! Today I bring you this year’s first Tributes From The Fans post! This series is dedicated to the wonderful artwork created by the fans for the fans! This dedication is all about the classic and my personal favorite vampire film, The Lost Boys! I hope you enjoy!! Also, I had trouble finding some of the artists’ names so if you know who some of these art pieces belong to, please let me know so I can properly credit them! (REMINDER: I don’t own or take credit for any of these pictures. I’m merely sharing and spreading the talent of these wonderful artists!)

Artwork By: Katie-Grace

Artwork By: Joelle Jones

Artwork By: Mike Hobson

Artwork By: Madison Schubert

Artwork By: Allanah

Artwork By: Thobias Daneluz

Artist Unknown

Artwork By: JackieTK

Artwork By: Ghost Art

Artwork By: Mike Anderson

Artist Unknown

Artwork By: Jaclyn Poole

Artwork By: Victoria Glaittli

Artist Unknown

Artwork By: Zapista OU

Artwork By: Peter Mahoney

Artist Unknown

Artwork By: Zakuro Aoyama

Artwork By: Chris Labrenz

Artwork By: John Keaveney

Artwork By: LostInSantaCarla

2 thoughts on “Tributes From The Fans: The Lost Boys

  1. Hey, thanks for putting my art in this tribute collection. I’d never expect my drawing of Marko to be assorted into such an amazing lineup. It is very much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

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