Behind The Scenes Saturday: Friday The 13th (2009)

Welcome back to Behind The Scenes Saturday!! For Day 8 of Spooky Season, I chose one of my favorite remakes, 2009’s Friday The 13th! This film was overall a brutal and fun ride. So, grab your machete, try not to shoot the boot, and enjoy these pictures and bits of trivia!!

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  • The title card doesn’t appear until at least 25 minutes into the film, which makes it one of the longest prologues in horror history.
  • Adrienne King (Alice), who starred in the original Friday The 13th was asked to appear in this film as a cameo. The producers later changed their minds and informed her that they don’t want any of the original actors to appear in the remake.
  • Richard Burgi was cast as Sheriff Bracke at practically the last minute. He was hired only 12 hours before they needed to shoot the sheriff’s scenes.
  • If you look closely enough in Jason Voorhees’ (Derek Mears) underground tunnel, you may be able to spot Pamela Voorhees’ sweater and Mark’s (Tom McBride) wheelchair from Friday The 13th Part 2. The wheelchair further encourages the possibility that this film is more of a sequel to the franchise instead of a remake.
  • Damian Shannon, one of the film’s co-writers, stated Jason Voorhees was re-written as more of a hunter protecting his territory, rather than a blood-thirsty beast who just killed everybody.
  • The film’s producer, Michael Bay walked out of the film’s premiere, claiming that the movie featured too much sex… he’s seen the other Friday The 13th films, right?
  • While on hiatus from the popular tv series, Supernatural, co-stars Jared Padalecki (Clay Miller) and Jenson Ackles both starred in 2009 horror remakes: Padalecki starred in this film, and Ackles starred in My Bloody Valentine (2009).
  • Willa Ford (Chelsea) had 10 days to learn how to wake board. She said that wake boarding wasn’t that much nerve-racking, but having to do it topless was. She initially didn’t want to do the scene topless, but she later said that it was incredible and very liberating.
  • Derek Mears is the tenth actor to portray Jason Voorhees in the Friday The 13th franchise.
  • Ben Feldman (Richie), Jonathan Sadowski (Wade), and Aaron Yoo (Chewie) were all friends prior to filming. Feldman and Sadowski were both hired due to their natural rapport. Yoo was initially reluctant to be in the film, but Feldman and Sadowski eventually convinced him to accept the role.
  • Clay and Whitney’s (Amanda Righetti) last name is Miller. This is a reference to the franchise’s creator, Victor Miller.
  • The character of Sheriff Bracke was named after Peter M. Bracke, who wrote the book, Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History Of Friday The 13th.
  • Jonathan Liebesman was once going to direct the film after directing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. The production company, Platinum Dunes, decided to instead bring back Marcus Nispel, who directed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003).
  • Unlike the previous Friday The 13th films, this one used CGI weapons. Production was worried that for some scenes, the props would either break or injure someone, so they opted for CGI.
  • Scout Taylor-Compton auditioned for the role of Jenna, but Danielle Panabaker ended up being cast.
  • Travis Van Winkle plays a character named Trent in this film and in Transformers (2007). Michael Bay was involved in both films and he confirmed that they are indeed the same character, indicating that both films exist in the same universe.
  • The original actress cast for Amanda dropped out for unknown reasons. America Olivio was contacted and asked to send an audition tape to Michael Bay. She got a call at 3a.m. the next day and they said they wanted her for the role. She had to catch a flight to Texas to shoot first thing in the morning.
  • Production was initially unsure about casting Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees because he was in reality a very nice person.
  • Before Aaron Yoo was cast as Chewie, David Blue was one of the top contenders for the role.
  •  Moran Atias was stated that she exited the film because she was asked to do things that weren’t in the script.
  • The character of Chelsea was originally supposed to die a different way. Instead of being stabbed in the head, Jason was going to wait her out at the shore of the lake and have her too afraid to swim out of the lake. She ended up drowning after being too exhausted to keep swimming.
  • Jenna’s death was a little different as well. In the script, she was supposed to escape Jason’s lair with Clay and Whitney and hide in the overturned bus. She and Clay exchanged words about doing something more romantic for their second date. Then Jason would’ve killed her with a fire extinguisher. This was changed because there wasn’t enough in the budget to accomplish it.
  • The scene where Chelsea is hit by the runaway speedboat had to be done with digitally altered composite shots. This was done due to the fact that it would’ve been too risky using a stunt double and this was the safest way.

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