The Best Horror Movie Villainesses Of All Time – Part 4

Welcome to Day 9!! Today, I bring you part 4 of the best horror movie villainesses of all time! These are the women of horror who exude power, confidence, and insanity. They’ll maim, murder, and manipulate to get what they truly desire. I hope you enjoy and let me know who your favorite is! If you don’t see your favorite on this list, please check out my Villainesses Collection! (Spoiler Alert!!!)

Leena Klammer/Esther – Orphan

Leena Klammer (Isabelle Fuhrman) was born into a tragic life. She was not only born with a type of dwarfism that made her look like a child her whole life, she was born into a family with a perverted father who was into children. The horrible relationship he started with Leena made her grow up to think that that was how people show their love. Since then, Leena became obsessed with every father she came across. She used her young looks to her advantage to gain entrance into a new home. She feigned innocence and avoided suspicions. She’s brutal, cunning, manipulative, and totally insane. She’s had the world underestimate her her whole life, and she always knew how to use that to her advantage and get what she wanted.

Natalya – Hostel

Natalya (Barbara Nedeljakova) was a girl who knew what she wanted and she knew exactly how she would get it. In a business where wealthy people pay big money to torture and murder tourists, Natalya, among other beautiful women, were paid to lure said tourists to their demise. Natalya used her beauty and sexuality to fool horny men into believing they’re going to have the vacation of a lifetime. She went full method in manipulation and she was proud of her work.

Rose Michaels – So I Married An Axe Murderer

Rose Michaels (Amanda Plummer) seemed to have perfected her craft to the point where she was able to kill three of her sister’s husbands without drawing an ounce of suspicion towards herself. Rose developed an unhealthy obsession with her sister, Harriet (Nancy Travis). It grew to the point where she didn’t want to share Harriet with anyone. Every time Harriet fell in love, Rose would kill her new husband on their wedding night. She not only fooled Harriet into thinking all three husbands just left her, she unintentionally framed Harriet for the three murders. She probably would’ve kept getting away with it if it wasn’t for husband number 4.

Jill Roberts – Scream 4

After growing up with a cousin who suffered tragedy after tragedy, Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) felt it was time that the spotlight be on her. She and her friend, Charlie (Rory Culkin) decided to bring the terror of Ghostface to a knew generation. Jill was so thirsty for fame, she had no problem killing her ex-boyfriend, her best friends, even her own mother so she could be the new Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell). She even killed her partner in crime because she didn’t want to share the spotlight. Jill was the perfect combination of goal-orientation and madness.

Christabella – Silent Hill

Who else can say they’ve done things so despicable, they brought their whole town into its own Hell? Christabella (Alice Krige) was the leader from Hell who tortured a poor little girl under the belief that she was a witch. The little girl survived but her anger prompted her to make a deal with a demon to bring the town of Silent Hill into an apocalypse and exact her revenge. Although Christabella and her loyal followers became damned, it didn’t stop her from ruling Silent Hill and using her power to continue tormenting and killing in the name of God. She brought down Hell on herself and still had the confidence to act like she was God.

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