Horror Movie Fates Worse Than Death – Part 1

Welcome to Day 24 of Spooky Season!! Lately I’ve been thinking about how the horror genre can bring absolutely terrifying scenarios. Some poor souls are put through the wringer and when you think their situation couldn’t be worse, they’re left in said situation and it makes you wonder if sometimes, death really is better. These are horror movie fates I can’t imagine being in due to the pain, psychological torment, and/or mercilessness. Let me know of you’d like a part 2 and let me know who you think should make the list! (NOTE: If a character is alive by the end of the film but dead in the sequel, I’m still counting it in this series!) (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!)

When Lindsay was the middle piece of the human centipede and the other 2 pieces died and she was left attached to them. – The Human Centipede

When Eric Wynn escaped the hellish puzzle cube just to be lobotomized and put back in again. – Cube Zero

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When Wallace Bryton was turned into a walrus and was left to live the rest of his life that way. – Tusk

When Rose and Sharon Da Silva were trapped in the Silent Hill world, even after helping Alessa and the demon. – Silent Hill

When Ben Carson was left trapped in the mirror world – Mirrors

When Madeline Ashton Menville and Helen Sharp chose immortality just to have their bodies completely shatter and they can’t put each other back together. – Death Becomes Her

When Celopatra was turned into a chicken/woman hybrid. – Freaks

When Caroline Ellis was forced to switch bodies with Violet Devereaux and had to live the rest of her life unable to talk or move. – The Skeleton Key

When Adam was left to die chained in a pitch-black bathroom. – Saw

When Sarah was trapped underground with no way out. – The Descent

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