Under-Appreciated Final Girls In Horror – Part 2

We’ve now reached Day 23 of Spooky Season! The title of Final Girl is rewarded to the bravest and toughest women in the horror genre. These are women who fought for their lives against such horrific things, but don’t get enough recognition. If you don’t see your favorite final girl on this list, please check out part 1 of the most under-appreciated final girls! Also, let me know who you think should be in this series! (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Stephanie Maine – The Stepfather (1987)

Stephanie (Jill Schoelen) is one of the most intuitive characters I’ve seen in the genre. While everyone believed her stepfather, Jerry Blake (Terry O’Quinn) was a regular, happy-go-lucky gentleman, Stephanie seemed to be the only one who knew there was something wrong with him. She started to do her own detective work and if it wasn’t for Jerry’s interference, she would’ve realized she was right. But it wasn’t too late for her! When it all came to a head and Jerry revealed his murderous intentions, she stayed strong for herself and her mother and proved that Jerry severely underestimated her.

Alice – A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master/5: The Dream Child

A Nightmare On Elm Street has brought the horror community some of the best and most memorable final girls. The one that never stands above the rest is Alice (Lisa Wilcox), which is weird considering she not only defeated Freddy Krueger twice, she survived both battles with him. She had to suffer through the loss of her best friends, her brother, and her boyfriend/father of her child. However, she had the ability to gain the strengths of those she lost and use it to her advantage against the man of her nightmares.

Jane Coslaw – Silver Bullet

Jane Coslaw (Megan Follows) was a small-town girl who believed her biggest problem in life was her little brother, Marty (Corey Haim). Little did she know that a ferocious werewolf would plague her town and kill its residents. After Marty encountered the werewolf himself, he felt that Jane was the only one he could talk to about it. Jane did her own detective work and she believed Marty when no one else did. She didn’t turn her back on Marty when their uncle Red (Gary Busey) treated Marty’s word as a joke.

Jessie – Gerald’s Game

There may not be a big body count in Gerald’s Game but I still believe Jessie (Carla Gugino) deserves the honor of the Final Girl title. After being cuffed to a bed and watching her husband die of a heart attack, Jessie was trapped and alone. She began to hallucinate and she was forced by her own mind to face the demons of her past on top of dealing with her present. Unbeknownst to her at first, digging into her past ended up saving her life. She was able to break free from both her physical and mental handcuffs and overcome the two monsters who almost destroyed her life.

Brigitte Fitzgerald – Ginger Snaps

Brigitte Fitzgerald (Emily Perkins) was the reason I wanted to do a part 2 on this series. An outcast in her town, all Brigitte had was her sister, Ginger (Katharine Isabelle). When Ginger was attacked by a strange creature, Brigitte not only deduced it was a werewolf, but that Ginger would become one herself if she didn’t save her. Brigitte was loyal and very intelligent. She stood by her sister’s side even when Ginger was losing herself. She even turned herself just to gain Ginger’s trust again. Unfortunately, she couldn’t save Ginger before she transformed into the monster that soon hunted her down. After coming up with a cure, Brigitte had a choice to save her sister or kill her. But the decision was made for her when Ginger landed on the knife that Brigitte held. She tried to do everything for her sister and that’s honorable.

Sarah – Day Of The Dead (1985)

Sarah (Lori Cardille) definitely had her work cut out for her. When the world ended, only a handful of scientists and Army men were left to develop a way to bring new life to the apocalypse. Being the only woman in the bunker, Sarah had to deal with 2 monsters: the zombies on the outside and the sexist pigs on the inside. Having to deal with her sexual life constantly come into question and only be referred to as “Lady” by Captain Rhodes (Joseph Pilato), Sarah was forced to work hard just to gain enough respect to have a voice in major issues. She didn’t let the deterioration of the world deteriorate her spirit. She tried her best to fix the world, but in the end, she listened to her friend’s advice and found a place where she could finally find peace she deserved.

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