Dumbest Decisions In Horror Films – Part 3

I’m back with part 3 of the dumbest decisions made by horror movie characters! I know I should’ve started my series of smartest horror decisions already, but I recently watched the new movie Smile. Although I absolutely loved the film, it inspired me to make part 3 of this series. If you enjoy this series, please check out part 1 and part 2, and let me know which decision should make the list! (WARNING!!! MAJOR SPOILERS!!!)

When Jess Was Warned The Killer Was In Her House But She Still Didn’t Leave – Black Christmas (1974)

Young college girl, Jess (Olivia Hussey), and her sorority sisters’ Christmas celebration was ruined by a killer picking them off one by one. After being constantly harassed by weird phone calls, the remaining sisters went to the police to have it stopped. When they traced the call, they realized that the missing sorority sisters and the calls were connected, and the killer was inside the sorority house. For this series, I probably should’ve added when police officer, Nash (Doug McGrath) told Jess there was a killer in the house. However, it’s what Jess did with that information that I believe was dumber. Jess was RIGHT NEXT to the front door when she was told about the killer! She was right there! She could’ve walked right out of the house! Now, I know she wanted to go upstairs and check to see if her friends were ok, but she screamed bloody murder up the stairs first. She screamed for them over and over and didn’t get a single answer. She knew the cops were on their way to the house, she could’ve ran across the street and waited until they got there. Instead, she let herself be trapped in the house with the killer.

When Pete Didn’t Just Stay Down After Being Shot – From Dusk Till Dawn

Criminal brothers, Seth (George Clooney) and Richard (Quentin Tarantino) Gecko, pulled off a daring escape from authorities and on their way to Mexico, they stopped in a little liquor store ran by Pete Bottoms (John Hawkes). There, All hell breaks loose as a Texas Ranger stepped in to shop and talk with Pete. Richard, convinced that Pete was signaling to the Ranger to help him and two other customers, shot both the Ranger and Pete. The Ranger died, however Pete survived and he was injured behind his counter. Now, all Pete had to do was stay down and wait until they left but did he do that? If he did, he wouldn’t be on this list. He even heard Seth say “start the car” repeatedly, they were almost out the door, but he just HAD to grab his gun and take a shot at Richard. I don’t know if it was pride or revenge for his friend, but he could’ve prevented himself from suffering a slow, agonizing, burning death by just staying down and playing dead.

When Charlie Tried To Save His Friends By Himself – The Devil’s Rejects

Charlie Altamont (Ken Foree) was living the pimp life in his own little town in the middle of nowhere when his old friend Cutter (Sid Haig) and the rest of the Firefly family arrived looking for a place to hide. It seemed everything was going to be roses from now on, but the vengeful sheriff who was hunting them down, Wydell (William Forsythe) ended up getting Charlie’s name and finding them all. Wydell forced Charlie to keep the Fireflies at his place until he and his gang of brutes could collect them. After nabbing the family, Wydell took them to their house to be tortured. Now I’m not going to ask how Charlie figured out where they’d be, but I am going to ask why on earth he decided to try and rescue his friends by himself. He had the manpower, and although Wydell was alone, there’s no way Charlie could’ve known that before he headed out there. Even if he did know, it never hurts to bring extra people with guns. Charlie didn’t even have a gun, it’s like he wanted to get killed! We’re not supposed to be rooting for any of these characters anyway but my God, Charlie!

When No One Even TRIED To Escape – The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)

Completely obsessed with The Human Centipede, demented outcast, Martin Lomax (Laurence R. Harvey) set out to create his own centipede, using 12 hostages. Kidnapping a few victims here and there, he stored them in an empty warehouse. Now, considering how many advantages these victims had, it drives me insane that not a single one of them even attempted to escape. While the victims were left alone, Martin went to work, hung out at home, collected more people, etc. Eventually, Martin was able to successfully kidnap twelve people for this centipede! A couple of them were big dudes too. The only thing keeping them there was duct tape. If they couldn’t untie themselves, they could’ve easily worked together, or scooted around looking for anything sharp. Point is, they had plenty of time to try SOMETHING! One woman wasn’t even tied up! She could’ve scooted to her husband and freed him at least. But no! Even when they found out what Martin was going to do to them, they just sat there and waited for it to happen.

When Rose Tried To Hide From Everyone In A Place She’d Definitely Be Found – Smile

After witnessing a patient commit suicide, Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) found herself being haunted by the same entity that haunted said patient. This entity was definitely merciless. It drove its victim insane for days before possessing them and making them take their own life. It took the form of anyone and everyone Rose knew and made everyone who knew her question her sanity. Once she’s informed that this entity needed to kill their victim in front of a witness to pass on the curse, she realized she needed to be far away from everyone. This was a smart decision. The dumb decision was when she decided to hide from everyone in one of the 2 properties she owned! She really didn’t think anyone was going to look for her there, especially her ex-boyfriend who was a cop and could easily access that information, or talk to Rose’s sister?! She could’ve gone literally anywhere else and he wouldn’t have been able to find her so easily. The second she pulled up to her childhood home, I knew her plan to defeat this thing was already foiled.

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