Where Is My Mind: Introduction, Spoilers, And The ‘Friends’ Finale

Well, I’ve been gone for a while. Writer’s block has been killing me lately and I’ve just been procrastinating. My problem is I’m trying too hard to write about things I just have nothing to say about. My mind just wanders throughout the day and I never talk about the subjects because I’m too focused on the articles that are currently going nowhere. Well, no longer! In order to keep regular posting, I need to stop forcing it when my mind wanders to other things. So, here are the random subjects that were on my mind today! Enjoy!



as we all know, Avengers: Endgame is finally in theaters! I haven’t seen it yet so I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers like crazy. Of course, I got my first spoiler last night. Would you like to know where I got that spoiler? I got it at the top of a comment section of a video on VENDING MACHINES! It was a video that had nothing to do with Marvel, Endgame, or anything close to it. I’ve been avoiding comment sections ever since the movie came out, and of course, the ONE time I slip, I get a spoiler. I guess it’s all my fault though, I should’ve known better and avoided every comment section on every post on every social media platform. I just have to say that if you’re one of those people who go out of their way to spoil something that people have been looking forward to for a LONG time, you’re a very sad person who thinks you’re being cool, but really you’ve shown you truly have no life.

Friends Finale


I’ve made a Friends article before, but this little rant is shorter so I’m putting it here instead. With the show’s main couple, Ross and Rachel, their ending is so sweet!… until you put it into perspective. During the show, when Rachel is finally achieving her dreams of working in fashion, Ross never seemed to see how important it was to her. In the final season, Rachel gets the opportunity to work at Louis Vuitton, in PARIS! The show ends with Ross chasing her to the airport and begging her to throw this opportunity away and stay with him – which she eventually does. Now, I believe it would’ve been a huge step up for Ross if he realized how important this was for Rachel and let her go. It seemed he did that in an earlier episode when he tried to get her to stay and saw how happy she was and told her to go. He then reneged that in the finale and proved again how selfish he was. Love isn’t always about getting what you want, it’s sometimes about making sacrifices for the ones you love, so THEY can be happy. Let’s face it, Ross only ever though about himself and what he wanted, there was no give and take in his relationships. His character development went right out the window. Rachel should’ve stayed on the plane.

Well it definitely seems like I just felt like ranting more than anything today. Now, for something new, personal recommendations! At the end of my posts, I’m now going to post something (film, short film, song, video, etc.) that I’m really into at the moment. Today’s recommendation is a horror mashup I came across on Facebook. It has some of the most impressive editing I’ve ever seen! If you’re a horror fan, this video is definitely a must-watch:

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