Making My ‘IT’ Shadow Box

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased The World of IT, which details the making of IT: Chapter 1 (2019) and IT: Chapter 2 (2019). It’s so great! It has storyboards, concept art, behind the scenes photos, and character profiles. The book also contains a Derry postcard; a replica of the one Ben writes his poem to Beverly on. After seeing it, I was so tempted to take the postcard out of the book and doing something with it. So I took a poll in my horror group and asked if I should leave it in the book, or write the poem on it and frame it. Then my friend, Candi suggested I make a Shadow Box with it, and I loved the idea so much, that’s what I decided to do. I had to wait a while, but I finally have all the materials I need to bring it all together!




Shadow Box – purchased here

Spray blood – purchased here

Derry Postcard – from The World of IT purchased here



Now, I also have both ticket stubs from when I saw both films in the theaters, an SS Georgie enamel pin, and Mike, Eddie, and Pennywise figurines.


My intention was to write Ben’s poem on the postcard and spray some blood on it. My friend Lacy suggested I send it to a cast or crew member of the films and ask them to sign it. I decided not to because I wanted to make this part a DIY project for myself, but I’m writing the suggestion here because it’s definitely an option for you in case you would like to do something like this! The first thing I did was write the poem on the postcard lightly with a pencil, then when I was happy enough with the handwriting, I filled it in with a pen.



Now, this was the part I was really nervous about; spraying it with the fake blood. I only had the one postcard, so if I messed it up, the whole thing would be ruined. I did botch one side of the card, but I’m really happy with how the other side came out!


With that finally over, I moved on to another piece while the card dried. The box I purchased came with a few wooden hearts, and it reminded me of the initials Richie carved into the bridge, so I wrote the initials on the hearts and placed them under my ticket stubs.




With that part of the display finished, I had to then hang it up to put on the rest of my stuff. I put my IT pen, SS Georgie enamel pin, and Mike and Eddie figurines on the bottom, and placed my Pennywise figurine on top.





After going over all the merchandise in the display last night, I realized I had something that represented each member of the Losers Club – EXCEPT Stanley! So, on a whim, I purchased a pin I found on Etsy that says “Stan deserved better”. Although, it won’t arrive until the 28th, so when it arrives, I’ll update this post! Overall, doing this was so much fun and I absolutely love the outcome!

Update: my button finally arrived, so my display is now complete! It was the perfect size. Also, be sure to check out Protect Your Local Bee‘s Etsy shop, where I purchased it!




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