Behind The Scenes Saturday: The Hateful Eight

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  • The guitar that Daisy (Jennifer Jason Leigh) plays in the film was a priceless antique made in the 1870s. It was worth $40,000 and loaned to the film by the Martin Guitar Museum. In the script, John (Kurt Russell) was supposed to smash the guitar after Daisy was done with her song. There were six replica guitars that were supposed to substitute the real one for smashing. However, Kurt Russell was not informed and he ended up grabbing and smashing the real one before anyone could interrupt him. The reaction we see from Daisy was Jennifer Jason Leigh’s genuine shock that Kurt destroyed the $40,000 guitar!
  • The script for the film was leaked online and that dissuaded Quentin Tarantino from continuing with the project. During a brief reading, the cast was not only stunned, they were very excited to work on the film. In the end, it was Samuel L. Jackson (Marquis) who convinced Tarantino to continue with the film.
  • Quentin Tarantino once stated that the film’s composer, Ennio Morricone composed The Hateful Eight with unused scores from John Carpenter’s The Thing. Ironically, that film also starred Kurt Russell.







  • Oswaldo Mobray’s (Tim Roth) real name is Pete Hicox. In an interview in 2015, Roth confirmed that his character is the great-great grandfather of Lieutenant Archie Hicox, played by Michael Fassbender in Inglourious Basterds.
  • When they filmed in Telluride, Colorado, there was actually a long streak of nice weather at the time. The production ended up being placed on hiatus. Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Tarantino, and many other cast and crew members jokingly made an offer to the “snow Gods” to try and get it to snow. A couple of days later, a big snow storm came in and dumped enough snow for them to film with.
  • In this film, there are three references to Tarantino’s previous film, Django Unchained. 1. When we first see Marquis, the saddle he’s sitting on was owned and used by Django (Jamie Foxx). 2. Django’s green corduroy jacket can be seen on the floor in Minnie’s (Dana Gourrier) Haberdashery. 3. Walton Goggins’ (Chris) characters were called ‘hillbilly’ in both films. The Hateful Eight was even going to feature Django, but the idea was later scrapped.






  • Tarantino stated that this film was his metaphoric way of breaking down his feelings about John Carpenter’s The Thing. Especially the way he felt when he watched it for the first time in the theater.
  • There was a rumor that Christoph Waltz initially had the role of Oswaldo. However, it was confirmed that the role was always intended for Tim Roth.
  • The character of Bob (Demián Bichir) was originally written as French before he was changed to Mexican.






  • There was originally a little bit of a backstory on Minnie and Sweet Dave (Gene Jones) in the written script. Before the Civil War, Minnie was Sweet Dave’s slave, and after slavery was abolished, they ended up staying together. Whether they were in love, or if Sweet Dave helped Minnie start her business as a way to give back to her, Tarantino has left it up for audiences to decide the real relationship between them.
  • When it came to the role of Daisy, Tarantino found it difficult to find the perfect actress. He stated, “Daisy became one of the most interesting characters, because she’s on the page, and she’s not on the page; an actress literally needs to invest in playing that character from beginning to end. They have to get you to that last chapter. It had to be an actress I could trust, and also a performer you enjoy watching her character work. When Jennifer came in, she was very impressive in the reading, but what really got me was I’d just started watching a bunch of her movies. I had a whole Jennifer Jason Leigh film festival. I watched one, and I couldn’t wait to put the next one in, she was such an entertaining actress, especially about that time in the 90s, like eXistenZ, Georgia, and especially Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle. Those movies were built around her. Her performance was the center of the movie, and everything was built around that, and that’s what was needed for Daisy.
  • The Role of Jody (Channing Tatum) was originally going to go to Viggo Mortensen. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Mortensen had to turn it down.






  • The bloody and gory special effects in the film were done by Greg Nicotero, who’s most famous for his work on The Walking Dead. He also contributed to other Tarantino projects, including Inglourious Basterds, the Kill Bill films, and Django Unchained.
  • Tarantino himself provided the film’s narration.
  • For General Sanford Smithers (Bruce Dern), his death was supposed to be a lot more brutal and horrific. When Marquis shoots him, the force of the bullet was going to force him to fall back into the fireplace and we was going to burn alive. Marquis’s only concern was the whole haberdashery burning down, and that was the only reason he let the others pull Smithers out of the fire.






  • Jody’s death was also changed. Marquis was going to shoot him in the back once he stepped out of the basement. He falls back into the basement and Chris and Marquis leave him for the rats scurrying in the basement.
  • Because it was never technically proven, many fans were divided on whether or not Chris was telling the truth about being the new Sheriff of Red Rock. Tarantino never confirmed or denied, saying he wanted the audience to decide for themselves. I personally believe Chris was telling the truth. He knew about the man “Oswaldo” was supposed to hang in Red Rock. Plus, as he and Marquis were hanging Daisy, he mentioned being the Sheriff one last time. At that point, he’s already dying and accepted that. I don’t see any reason for him to continue lying at that point.
  • Speaking of hanging Daisy, in order for Tarantino to justify the hanging scene for himself, he wrote a separate draft of the screenplay entirely in Daisy’s point of view.






  • Marquis’s fate was also changed. Jody was supposed to shoot from under the floorboards repeatedly and a freed Daisy was going to finish Marquis off by shooting him between his eyes.
  • Oswaldo was initially written to appear innocent until towards the climax. During the big shoot-out between Jody and Chris, Oswaldo – unarmed – was going to catch a bullet in his chest by Chris. This was going to make audiences initially think that Oswaldo was merely an innocent bystander.
  • When John and Daisy enter the haberdashery, Oswaldo was prepared to shoot John in the back while he was busy with the coffee beans. Before he’s able to get his gun out, Daisy “casually” mentions there are more people outside. That was her way of telling Oswaldo and Joe Gage (Michael Madsen) to wait until a better time to kill John.






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