Remaking Rosemary’s Baby: My Casting Choices

I’m back with another remake article! This time, I’m picking one of the most influential horror films ever made, Rosemary’s Baby! I have to say picking the perfect modern cast for this film was one of the hardest things I ever had to do for this blog. There were so many people that fit these roles wonderfully and it practically broke my heart having to narrow down the choices. I hope that you enjoy and let me know who you would cast! Also, be sure to check out my other remake articles in my Remake Collection!

Rosemary Woodhouse

Original Actress: Mia Farrow (Pictured Left) – My Choice: Lucy Boynton (Bohemian Rhapsody, The Blackcoat’s Daughter)

Guy Woodhouse

Original Actor: John Cassavetes (Pictured Bottom Left) – My Choice: Chris Pine (Horrible Bosses 2, Smokin’ Aces)

Minnie Castevet

Original Actress: Ruth Gordon (Pictured Left) – My Choice: Rondi Reed (Mike & Molly, Seinfeld)

Roman Castevet

Original Actor: Sidney Blackmer (Pictured Top Left) – My Choice: Ray Wise (Jeepers Creepers 2, Digging Up The Marrow)


Original Actor: Maurice Evans (Pictured Top Left) – My Choice: Brian George (Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory)

Dr. Sapirstein

Original Actor: Ralph Bellamy (Pictured Top) – My Choice: Demián Bichir (The Hateful Eight, The Nun)


Original Actress: Victoria Vetri (Pictured Bottom Left) – My Choice: Victoria Pedretti (The Haunting Of Hill House, Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood)


Original Actress: Patsy Kelly (Pictured Left) – My Choice: Rusty Schwimmer (Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, The Belko Experiment)

Dr. Hill

Original Actor: Charles Grodin (Pictured Top Left) – My Choice: Zac Efron (Extremely Wicked, Neighbors)

Grace Cardiff

Original Actress: Hanna Landy (Pictured Top Right) – My Choice: Sandra Oh (Hard Candy, Tammy)

Mr. Nicklas

Original Actor: Elisha Cook Jr. – My Choice: Leslie Jordan (Jason Goes To Hell, American Horror Story: 1984)

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