My Favorite Horror Movie Villain Moments – Part 1

Welcome to Day 21 of Spooky Season!! Today, I wanted to share a new series of my favorite horror villain moments! These are the moments in the horror genre where the villains really stood out for me. These moments could either be something that the villains have done, or they could be something done TO the villain. Either way, they’re moments that will always be on my mind! (WARNING: VIDEOS CONTAIN MAJOR SPOILERS AND MIGHT CONTAIN GRAPHIC MATERIALS!!!)

When Hannibal Lecter escaped in The Silence Of The Lambs

When Jason Voorhees stabbed Freddy Krueger with his own arm in Freddy vs. Jason

When Rowan North grew into the ghost we all know and love in Ghostbusters (2016)

When the collector was shoved into his own trunk in The Collection

When Jerry turned Ed Lee in Fright Night (2011)

When Billy Loomis hit Stu Macher with a phone in Scream

When Hadley got devoured by the merman in The Cabin In The Woods

When Kayako Saeki got revenge on her mother in The Grudge 2

When Tiny saved his family in The Devil’s Rejects

When Carrie White stood up against her mother in Carrie (1976)

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