My Ranking Of The Stories In ‘A Christmas Horror Story’

I personally love movies that have the combination of Christmas and horror. They are polar opposites that somehow work so well. A Christmas Horror Story is a wonderful anthology film that has all of the elements of festivity, scares, lots of unforgettable moments! To put myself in the Christmas Spirit today, I decided to rank all the stories in this film. I hope you enjoy and let me know your favorite segment! However, if you haven’t seen this movie, it’s on Shudder and I highly recommend it!

5. Kristmas With Krampus

While on the hunt for an investment, a man brings his family to his Aunt’s house. However, once they arrive at her house, they soon discover that dark secrets of Krampus begin to surround them. The main reason I put this story dead last is that the characters are so unlikable. It was a very decent story with a hell of a Krampus! However, I found it difficult to root for any of these characters to survive.

4. Unto Us A Child Is Born

Three high school students sneak into their school on Christmas Eve to report on a brutal homicide that occurred a year prior. This was undoubtedly the creepiest segment in the whole film. The setting and the atmosphere were very well executed and I got chills down my spine when I first watched it! I would rank it higher, but I feel the story itself wasn’t strong enough. It had a very intriguing mystery, but it just didn’t provide a satisfactory ending.

3. What’s Wrong With Will?

Orion John in A Christmas Horror Story

After trespassing on private property to steal a Christmas tree, a couple loses their little boy, Will (Orion John) in the forest. When they finally find him, they soon find something is very wrong with him. This one was a great mystery with a hell of a pay-off. I have to say the performances are what really sold it for me, especially Orion John’s. When it came to Will, it was like we were watching two different people! I was hooked by this story from start to finish.

2. Eggnog With Dangerous Dan

William Shatner in A Christmas Horror Story

For our wrap-around story, we are entertained by Dangerous Dan (William Shatner) as he shares words of Christmas wisdom while playing holiday classics from his radio booth. I think William Shatner really stole the show, and he never provided a dull moment. I also think the radio setting was the perfect go-between for all of the other stories.

1. Santa vs. The Elves

George Buza in A Christmas Horror Story

Christmas Eve preparations come to a screaming halt after Santa (George Buza) is forced to deal with a violent zombie virus that infects all of his elves. I really love the concept of this story, it was very unique to me. When I first saw A Christmas Horror Story, I originally felt this segment was sort of… out of place with the others, like it didn’t belong. However, once I saw this ending, I realized how wrong I was and it skyrocketed the segment to the top of this list! It was a superb ending to the entire film!

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