Scream: The Only Reason I Believe Stu Macher Is Still Alive

Before I begin on the subject at hand, I want to issue an apology to my readers. I know that I haven’t brought any content lately. My family and I suffered a terrible loss recently and I just needed some time for myself and my family before I jumped back into the blog. I appreciate your patience and I hope to provide more regular content for you!

In 1996, Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich won over the hearts of horror fans by bringing us two killers with looks, laughs, and a whole lot of personality and wit that fooled everyone. The last time we see Stu Macher (Lillard) and Billy Loomis (Ulrich), they were killed by Billy’s girlfriend, Sidney (Neve Campbell). Although Stu was stabbed multiple times and had a tv pushed onto his head, fans are almost united in the possibility that not only did Stu survive, but we might even get to see him in the future.

I was honestly waiting to write on this subject until I saw the much anticipated new installment in the Scream franchise. The reason being is that I needed to know if the new film confirmed Stu Macher is alive or dead. Now that I see it’s still up in the air, I want to give my only reason why I believe he may be alive.

I’ve seen Scream 2 many times as it’s one of my favorite sequels, but one thing always bugged me about it. So, the movie within the movie, Stab was based on The Woodsboro Murders, the book written by Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox). As Stab is being watched in the movie theater, the events of the first scene mirror Casey Becker’s (Drew Barrymore) death. One thing I noticed was that even the dialogue was very similar to the real thing. Every time I watched Scream 2, I asked myself, “how could Gale possibly have known what was discussed between Casey and her killer if all parties involved died?” Sure, Gale could’ve made all the dialogue up, but it was way too coincidental to the real thing, especially when Casey told the killer she didn’t have a boyfriend. For years, I chalked it up to a simple plot hole… but what if it’s not? What if it never was?

If it’s eventually confirmed that Stu was alive this entire time, it would explain something that drove me nuts for so long. If he was, I wouldn’t put it past Gale to visit him in prison and get the whole story straight. She got information from Cotton Weary (Liev Schreiber) in prison to get his side of Maureen’s (Lynn McRee) murder, why wouldn’t she get Stu’s side of the whole thing? Plus, I rewatched all of the films and I don’t recall anyone confirming he was dead. Yes, they spoke about him in the past tense, but that could be just because he’s not around them anymore. Now, the real question is could Stu Macher have possibly survived multiple stabbings and a tv dropping on his head? The only thing I have to say is stranger things have happened in the horror genre. We’ll just have to see what the future of the franchise holds. Do you think he could still be alive? Do you want to see him in future Scream installments? Let me know your thoughts!

One thought on “Scream: The Only Reason I Believe Stu Macher Is Still Alive

  1. First off sorry for your loss whatever or who’m ever it was we’ve all been there. As far as Stu goes it’s like this never rule anything, out in the horror genre I’ve heard about an original plan for scream 3 was Stu was alive and in an institution somewhere but obviously, that was never put in so in closing who knows where the Stu thing lies at this point there’s five films.

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