Remaking Misery: My Casting Choices

We’ve now reached Day 19 of Spooky Season!! For this month, I asked one of my favorite groups, Room 237, to help me choose 2 films to pick modern casts for. For their second choice, they picked one of Stephen King’s best, Misery! Misery is a terrifying tale filled and it had the perfect cast to amplify its intensity. I made my choices based on age, looks, and how I picture their overall performance. I hope you enjoy and let me know who you’d cast! Also, if you want to see my previous remake articles, please check out my Remake Collection! (REMINDER: this is just hypothetical fun! I love and respect everyone mentioned and this series isn’t meant to tear anyone down or be disrespectful!!)

Paul Sheldon

Original Actor: James Caan (Pictured Left) – My Choice: Josh Brolin (Gangster Squad, Deadpool 2)

Annie Wilkes

Original Actress: Kathy Bates (Pictured Top) – My Choice: Fiona Dourif (Curse Of Chucky, Fear Clinic)


Original Actor: Richard Farnsworth (Pictured Top) – My Choice: Jim Beaver (Supernatural, Joy Ride)


Original Actress: Frances Sternhagen (Pictured Top Left) – My Choice: Caroline Williams (Contracted, Hatchet III)

Marcia Sindell

Original Actress: Lauren Bacall (Pictured Top) – My Choice: Catherine O’Hara (Beetlejuice, Home Alone)

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