Choosing A Modern ‘Tales From The Crypt’ Cast: And All Through The House

I’m back with another installment of picking a modern cast for episodes of Tales From The Crypt! Normally, I’d ask one of my favorite horror Facebook groups to help me choose which episode to do next. However, since it’s December and the Christmas bug bit me hard this year, on a whim I chose And All Through The House! And All Through The House follows a mother who decides to kill her husband on Christmas Eve. While she tries to hide her crime, she finds herself and her daughter targeted by an escaped lunatic wearing a Santa suit. As always, I made my choices based on age, looks, and how I picture their overall performance. I hope you enjoy and let me know who you’d cast in this episode! (NOTE: I had to exclude the daughter, Carrie Ann, because I don’t know a lot of child actors.) (REMINDER: This is just hypothetical fun! I respect everyone involved and this series isn’t meant to tear anyone down or be disrespectful!!)


Original Actress: Mary Ellen Trainor (Pictured Top Right) – My Choice: Bryce Dallas Howard (The Village, Jurassic World)


Original Actor: Larry Drake (Pictured Top) – My Choice: Josh Gad (Little Monsters, Beauty And The Beast)


Original Actor: Marshall Bell (Pictured Top) – My Choice: Henry Thomas (Ouija: Origin Of Evil, The Haunting Of Hill House)

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