Behind The Scenes Saturday: The Goonies

Welcome back to Behind The Scenes Saturday!! Today, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and pay tribute to one of the movies that helped shape my childhood, The Goonies! The Goonies is a wonderful adventure filled with friendship, family, and moments that still make me laugh! So, grab your Baby Ruth, try not to set off any “booty traps,” and enjoy these funs pictures and bits of trivia!!

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  • After filming was done, Sean Astin (Mikey) was allowed to keep the treasure map that was used in the film. Unfortunately, years later, his mother thought it was just a crinkled-up piece of paper and she threw it away.
  • As Data almost gets crushed by a falling rock, he screams “holy s-h-i-t” as opposed to actually saying the word “s**t.” This is because Ke Huy Quan promised his mother that he wouldn’t cuss in the film. She didn’t say anything about spelling cuss words though!
  • During the scene where the Fratelli brothers argue and Jake gets slapped by Mama Fratelli, Anne Ramsey was not only told to slap Robert Davi for real, she was also told to hit him as hard as she could. So, the brutal slap we see in the movie was one hundred percent real!
  • The pirate ship in the film was real and all the scenes were really filmed on/in it. When filming ended, it turns out no one wanted to take it, so it ended up being scrapped.
  • Robert Davi is a real trained opera singer. It was his idea to sing to his brother, Sloth (John Matuszak).

  • J. Michael Riva, the film’s production designer, felt that the first map prop didn’t look old enough. To remedy this, he took the map to his hotel room and aged it with coffee and his own blood.
  • The film’s director, Richard Donner, wanted the kids’ reactions to seeing the ship for the first time to be genuine, so he intentionally hid the ship from them until it was time to film. However, the reactions had to be reshot due to some of the actors accidentally cussing in shock.
  • To create genuine crying for Chunk’s tearful confessions to the Fratellis, Jeff Cohen imagined losing his mother.
  • There was a sacred oath that The Goonies shared that was cut from the movie. It went like, “I will never betray my Goondock friends. We will stick together until the whole world ends. Through Heaven and Hell, and nuclear war. Good pals like us will stick like tar. In the city, or the country, or the forest, or the Boonies. I am proudly declared a fellow Goonie.” If there ever was a sequel to The Goonies, I think having the oath in the trailer would’ve been epic!
  • The bats in the film were made of crepe paper that was crumbled up and painted black. Some were even shot out of an air cannon.

  • Richard Donner kept One-Eyed Willie’s head and a model of the ship after filming.
  • When Chuck runs into Jake and Frances Fratelli (Joe Pantoliano), Jeff Cohen improvised praying in Hebrew.
  • Before filming, Jeff Cohen got the chicken pox and was so worried he’d be replaced, he showed up to set anyways. Allegedly, you might be able to see his chicken pox as he’s doing the Truffle Shuffle.
  • Chunk’s theater vomit prank was based on a true story. The film’s executive producer, Steven Spielberg pulled this prank when he was a kid in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Joe Pantoliano and Robert Davi had a joint audition and their real life banter won them their roles as brothers.

  • During the last week of filming, Steven Spielberg instructed the cast members to act cold and distant towards Richard Donner. The reason Spielberg did this was to surprise Donner after filming wrapped. When filming was done, Donner traveled to his beach house in Hawaii. While he spent most of the day with a neighbor, Spielberg and the whole cast flew out to his beach house to give him a celebratory cookout.
  • When the kids are being interviewed at the end of the film, Data mentions an octopus that was nowhere in the film. This was because the octopus scene was cut out but can be found in the DVD’s deleted scenes.
  • In the scene where Jake takes away Chunk’s ice cream and spoon and Chunk starts crying, you might be able to hear Richard Donner laugh in the background. He couldn’t help but laugh during Jeff Cohen’s performance.
  • Corey Haim auditioned for the role of Mouth before it went to Corey Feldman. This was before they ever met and as we all know, they later became good friends and starred in many projects together.
  • This movie references an earlier Corey Feldman/Steven Spielberg/Chris Columbus (the film’s screenwriter) movie, Gremlins. When Chunk calls the sheriff (Paul Tuerpe) and tells him everything, the sheriff assumes he’s making it up like “that last prank about all those little creatures that multiply when you throw water on them.”

  • Although Rosalita doesn’t speak any English, the woman who played her, Lupe Ontiveros was born in the United States and spoke perfect English. She was the one who helped the writers with the film’s English-Spanish translations. Also, because Corey Feldman couldn’t speak Spanish, she helped him pronounce his Spanish lines phonetically during rehearsals.
  • More than 900,000 gallons of water was used for the film.
  • Robert Davi was the one who came up with the idea of Francis shooting the gasoline with his gun in the escape scene.
  • Kerri Green (Andy) was understandably hesitant to kiss Sean Astin due to their age difference. Astin however was very excited about the kiss.
  • In a recent interview, Ke Huy Quan mentioned that Jeff Cohen is now his entertainment lawyer and he drew up Quan’s deal to appear in Everything Everywhere All At Once.

  • Heather Langenkamp auditioned for the role of Andy and even gave a great audition. The reason she didn’t get it because she was twenty at the time and the filmmakers felt she was too old for the role. Honestly, it was a good call, cause Andy and Mikey’s kiss would’ve been even weirder if it was between a kid and a 20-year-old.
  • Richard Donner had a small cameo in the film as the gray-haired sheriff on one of the quads in the rescue scene.
  • Some of the Goonies’ family members were played by the actors’ real-life relatives. Chunk’s mom was played by Jeff Cohen’s mother, Elaine Cohen McMahon.
  • In the novelization of the film, Chunk’s family not only adopts Sloth, they throw him a Bar Mitzvah!
  • According to Jennie Lew Tugend (Mrs. Wang), the ending of the film was supposed to be different. Rosalita was originally not going to find the jewels in Mikey’s marble sack until everyone regrouped at the Walshes’ home and she was doing laundry while they were going to sign the papers. This was changed to wrap up the ending quicker on the beach and to have The Inferno be the final shot of the film.
  • The only skeleton in the film that was not real was Chester Copperpot’s, which was made of plastic.


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