Random Thoughts I Had About ‘Friends’ – Part 4

I’m back with part 4 of random thoughts I’ve had about the show Friends! You can definitely tell when I start to binge-watch a show cause usually it’s all I want to talk about. These are random thoughts, rants, and questions I had while rewatching Friends. I hope you enjoy!! (POSSIBLE SHOW SPOILERS!!!)

  • It kind of irked me when everyone shamed Monica (Courteney Cox) for wanting to have a baby using a sperm donor. Many people have started their families this way and acting like she’s crazy for wanting to go this route was very weird for the group. This is another reason I think Joey (Matt LeBlanc) was a really good friend. He helped her realize that it really wasn’t the way she wanted to start a family in a respectful manner. He didn’t do it by shaming her, but by painting a picture of a future that she really wanted all along. He wasn’t even trying to change her mind and if the rest of the group simply had a discussion with her instead of judging, she could’ve come to that conclusion a lot sooner.

  • I wonder how long Malcolm (David Arquette) stalked Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow). Could you imagine seeing him in the background at her wedding in season 10? That’d be scary!

  • A lot of people have pointed out the plot holes regarding some of the characters’ birthday dates, but I never hear anyone mention Phoebe’s birthday blunder. When Frank Jr. (Giovanni Ribisi) visits Phoebe for the first time in season 3, he asked her when her birthday was and she said her birthday was on February 16th. However, in season 9, they celebrated her birthday on Halloween because she “couldn’t get a reservation on her actual birthday.”

  • In a way, I can understand Chandler’s (Matthew Perry) freak out at the thought of people assuming he’s gay and his estrangement from his mother. When his mother was pre-transitioned and she first came out of the closet, it was coincided with the falling apart of his family when he was very young. He never really found a healthy way to deal with it and had trouble being in contact with her ever since.

  • I don’t believe for one second that Jack Gellar (Elliot Gould) was the reason Ross (David Schwimmer) was homophobic. In season 9, Ross was weirdly uncomfortable with the thought of hiring a male nanny, so much to the point where even though he was perfect for the job in every way, Ross still fired him for being too sensitive. When he asked Ross why he believes he’s this uncomfortable with men being sensitive, Ross went on this (BS) rant about how his dad freaked out about him playing with dinosaurs as a kid. Let’s not forget that Ross was the golden child that Jack and Judy (Christina Pickles) found almost no wrong in. Ross was allowed to wear dresses as a kid and when Jack commented on his make-up kit, it seemed to be in more of a joking way. I think Ross was just looking for a way to play the victim in his unnecessary firing of the nanny.

  • I guess this article is more of a Ross rant because when I watched the episode where Phoebe met David (Hank Azaria) for the first time, I couldn’t help but compare yet again. When Phoebe was in the middle of her relationship with David, he got the career opportunity of a lifetime in Minsk. He was about to throw it away to stay with Phoebe, but when she realized how important it was to him, she put her own needs aside and convinced him to go. This was very mature and completely selfless on her part. Ross had the opportunity to do the same when he realized how much Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) new job in Paris was important to her and told her to go. But does that selflessness last? NOPE! At the last episode, he decided to throw all character development out the window and make her choose between him and her career YET AGAIN!

  • I’m surprised Fun Bobby (Vincent Ventresca) gave Monica another chance after how thoughtless she acted about his grandfather’s death. She worried too much about the vibe of her party than checking on her date and making sure he’s alright.

  • So, as we all know, Phoebe was homeless for quite sometime when she was young. I noticed that whenever she tells a story about her time on the streets, she never mentioned her twin sister Ursula. When young Phoebe was struggling on the streets, where the hell was Ursula?

  • So, when Ross introduced his monkey Marcel to the rest of the group, he neglected to mention that it was illegal for him to own Marcel and he could go to jail for it. Now, this guy paraded Marcel around Monica’s New Year’s Eve party, brought him to a hospital full of people, why wasn’t he more worried about word getting around and some random person calling Animal Control on him?
  • Based on his performance in this episode alone, I believe Stan Kirsch, who played Young Ethan in The One With The Ick Factor, would’ve made a good Peter Parker/Spider-Man.


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