Dumbest Decisions In Horror Films – Part 4

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting for a while! With the combination of writer’s block and a new living situation approaching, I haven’t really been motivated to write. However, I’m back with part 4 of the dumbest decisions made by horror movie characters! These are decisions made by characters who, even after things started falling apart around them, made decisions that either didn’t improve their situation or made everything so much worse. I hope you enjoy and let me know which decisions you’d add to this series! (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

When Rosemary Told Dr. Hill Everything – Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow) dreamed of a simple life with her husband Guy (John Cassavetes), their baby, and their beautiful apartment. Unfortunately, the longer they lived in that apartment, the more Rosemary began to piece together that her neighbors had sinister plans for her. After figuring out that her neighbors were witches and they wanted her baby, she started to realize her doctor, Sapirstein (Ralph Bellamy), and her own husband were also working against her. With nowhere to go, Rosemary turned to her original doctor, Dr. Hill (Charles Grodin) for help. Now, her biggest mistake was telling Hill everything she found out. From her neighbor’s satanic past to the curses they put on her old friend and Guy’s co-star, she really bared it all to Dr. Hill. Now, to get help, all Rosemary had to do was say she felt she and her baby were in danger. I doubt Hill would’ve pressed her for details if she said she didn’t feel safe with her husband. Now, Dr. Hill running to get Sapirstein and Guy was a horrible thing to do, but Rosemary needed to be extra careful about who she turned to. She had three friends who knew something was wrong from the start, she should’ve gone to one of them!

When Bert And Jeff Denied Help And Acted Suspicious – Cabin Fever

As a group of friends headed out to a cabin for a week of fun, a deadly skin disease started to affect the local residents. One of the first people infected was a hermit named Henry (Arie Verveen). Henry tried to get help from the group, but after a few freak outs, the group’s truck got destroyed and Henry was accidentally lit on fire. Stranded, two members of the group, Bert (James DeBello) and Jeff (Joey Kern) walked out to find help from the locals. They came across a woman who offered to call her friend Ricky and get a tow truck out to them. As they entered her house, they told her about what happened and when they mentioned a “crazy hermit,” the woman asked if it was her cousin, Henry, but then immediately dismissed it. Once Jeff and Bert found a picture of him, they realized it was indeed her cousin. Suddenly, they denied her help, changed their story (horribly, I might add), and acted so suspicious as they ran out of the house. All they had to do was keep their cool for a little while longer and let her call for the tow truck! Help was within their reach but they just ran away!

When Lynn Only Said Jeff’s Name – Saw III

Lynn (Bahar Soomekh) and Jeff Denlon (Angus Macfayden) suffered a tragic loss when their son was hit by a car and killed. They couldn’t cope as Jeff focused on killing the man who hit his son and Lynn found comfort in the arms of another man. John Kramer (Tobin Bell) set his sights on them for his next test: a test of forgiveness. Jeff was put through a series of tests and Lynn was supposed to keep John alive until Jeff was complete with them. With a tumor in his head killing him, John hooked a collar to Lynn’s neck that’s set to go off and kill her if his heart rate monitor flatlined. The fact that Jeff and Lynn were married was kept from John’s accomplice, Amanda (Shawnee Smith) because this was really Amanda’s test. She failed as she shot Lynn in the back and got herself killed by Jeff. With his wife dying, Jeff was put through his final test on whether or not to kill John. Now, Lynn was weak BUT she had no problem yelling his name. All she had to say was “Jeff, if he dies, I die!” But all she did was repeat his name. She kept her mouth shut and sealed her fate.

When Needy Broke Up With Chip – Jennifer’s Body

Needy (Amanda Seyfried) and Jennifer (Megan Fox) were practically inseparable for years. After a night out turned into a massacre and Jennifer was kidnapped by satanists looking for a sacrifice, she returned as a hungry demon looking to seduce and devour the boys in her school. As the body count rose, Needy learned the truth about Jennifer and tried to tell her boyfriend, Chip (Johnny Simmons) about it. Understandably, Chip didn’t believe her. Now, what I don’t understand is why Needy thought it’d be best to break up with Chip. The way I see it, making Chip sad and single made him an easy target for Jennifer to manipulate and kill. Needy gave her all the ammunition she needed to get Chip alone and get her claws and teeth in him. She should’ve considered the fact that Chip was a potential victim and never took her eyes off of him.

When Tim Made The Blade Fall Before It Was Timed To – Oculus

Tim (Brenton Thwaites) and Kaylie’s (Karen Gillan) lives were turned upside down when their father brought a haunted mirror into their new home. After their parents were both driven mad by the mirror and killed, Tim and Kaylie were separated. Years later, they reunited and Kaylie brought Tim back to their childhood home to prove the hauntings were real and their parents were innocent. The mirror, however, could manipulate what its victims see and hear and drive them to do terrible things. As a precaution, Kaylie set up the mirror in front of a swinging blade that’s set on a timer. If anything happened to them before they could reset the timer, the blade would drop and shatter the mirror. Seemed foolproof, right? The mirror, however, put them through the wringer, making them question everything around them, and making them relive the traumatic experience they went through all those years ago. When it seemed like Tim finally had a moment of peace, Kaylie was nowhere to be found (or so Tim thought). Instead of looking for her and making sure she was ok, Tim set the timer off early and brought the blade down right on her neck. Granted, the mirror prevented him from seeing her in front of it. Having said that, after everything he’s just been through and witnessed, he shouldn’t have touched a thing! If he simply trusted the timer, he wouldn’t have killed his sister.


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