Remaking From Dusk Till Dawn: My Casting Choices

I’m back with another Remake article! This time, I went with the vampire classic, From Dusk Till Dawn! From Dusk Till Dawn has a hell of a cast, insane special effects and a brilliant genre transition! I’ve been wanting to pick a modern cast for this film, and I’m glad I’ve finally done it! As always, I made my choices based on age, looks, and how I picture their overall performances. I hope you enjoy and let me know who you’d cast! (NOTE: unfortunately, I was unable to find Ernest Liu’s age so I had to exclude his character, Scott Fuller from this particular article.) (REMINDER: this is just hypothetical fun! I respect everyone mentioned, and this series isn’t meant to tear anyone down or be disrespectful!!!)

Seth Gecko

Original Actor: George Clooney (Pictured Top) – My Choice: Thomas Dekker (From Within, A Nightmare On Elm Street)

Richard Gecko

Original Actor: Quentin Tarantino (Pictured Left) – My Choice: Lou Taylor Pucci (Evil Dead, Horsemen)

Jacob Fuller

Original Actor: Harvey Keitel (Pictured Top) – My Choice: Josh Brolin (Hail, Caesar!, No Country For Old Men)

Kate Fuller

Original Actress: Juliette Lewis (Pictured Left) – My Choice: Megan Charpentier (Mama, IT)

Earl McGraw

Original Actor: Michael Parks (Pictured Left) – My Choice: Matthew McConaughey (The Gentlemen, The Wolf Of Wall Street)

Pete Bottoms

Original Actor: John Hawkes (Pictured Left) – My Choice: Dan Byrd (The Hills Have Eyes, Young Sheldon)


Original Actor: Fred Williamson (Pictured Left) – My Choice: Idris Elba (The Reaping, 28 Weeks Later)

Sex Machine

Original Actor: Tom Savini (Pictured Top) – My Choice: Dave Bautista (Glass Onion, Guardians Of The Galaxy)

Santanico Pandemonium

Original Actress: Salma Hayek (Pictured Top) – My Choice: Melissa Barrera (Scream, In The Heights)

Razor Charlie

Original Actor: Danny Trejo (Pictured Left) – My Choice: Matthew Willig (We’re The Millers, Birds Of Prey)

Border Guard, Chet Pussy, and Carlos

Original Actor: Cheech Marin (Pictured Top) – My Choice: Clifton Collins Jr. (The Boondock Saints II, Extract)

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